Being A 10th Prestige Player...

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Yep.. same.

Another 10th Prestiger here, with some tasty patches, Ghillie Suit, lots of gold guns, 50+ KEM's, 3.7KD, 2 w/l etc.

I get called a 'No-lifer', 'Hacker', 'Tryhard'... *sigh*

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Only 1st PRESTIGE at the moment but I've been increasing each soldier's level they got different attributes so i can try different set ups. When I fully PRESTIGE on previous CODS I got the same grief gotta live with it. Lot of envy and jealousy you read the posts that PRESTIGE don't mean out owt then get called a hack sod em well done !

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ye i get the same problem

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Same thing here lol, got to 10th on Jan 14th with 8 days 12 hours played. I'm a very objective player with a 2 K/D and 4,5 W/L. I pretty much only played Search and Rescue the entire way, having almost 10,000 kills in the mode. even now almost 2 months after i reached 10th i am STILL being called a hacker because low prestige kids say ''it's not possible to be 10th legit yet''. It's funny and annoying at the same time. While looking for games you can see tons of people that aren't legit, and it's so obvious (eg. 5000+ games and 32 days played with a 5 K/D). 99.99% of them have just copied their stats from someone else or just manually edited them with some hacking program. You would think with all the millions of dollars Activision gets every year they'd atleast put A TINY BIT of that towards improving their security, but nope.

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One of my friends is a legitimate master prestige and he has 16 days played, but it's his KD that makes him cop so much abuse. He has a 4.53 but can easily hold a 5 for weekly and monthly. Everyone always calls him a hacker and that he has aimbot just because he pulls host nearly every game and he can hear enemies so well. It's unreal.

I dropped four KEMs in a few hours of game time and every single time I got a KEM, I was told I had the Specialist as Support hack on. Ridiculous.

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I only play TDM and I got called a hacker because I'm only prestige 5 after 8 days! I kept killing this same guy on stonehaven, and he said he was hosting a live stream on youtube and thousands have just seen me cheating, and that he was sending the video to IW. Apparently my stats weren't good enough to destroy him like I did.

I was in fits of laughter.........which didn't help the situation I must admit

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brentcers37 wrote:

I finally hit 10th prestige on Tuesday night, but now I feel like I worked for nothing. Every time I do good, I get called a hacker and not legit, I use assault as support mod etc.

Does anyone else have this problem too?

Why are you allowing anyone to make you feel differently? Why are you concerned? If you are legit, you have nothing to worry about. Those who talk of being "worried" are the ones who should be.

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