COD: GHOST I was Deranked from Max Prestige to Recruit back on Aug. 18, 2019

Ghosts PlayStation 3


While playing COD:Ghost back on Aug. 19, 2019, I entered a hacked lobby and after playing for 1 min (I noticed only 2 people in the lobby), I exit the lobby and noticed that I was "DERANKED" from Max Prestige to Recruit. 


WHAT THE F$&@ !!!!


Now, I'm at the 1st prestige level and I noticed the first prestige level icon is not displaying the correctly while sitting in the lobby waiting for other players to join (display the other ranks prior to leveling up to prestige). CAN ANYTHING BE DONE ABOUT THESE HACKERS ENTERING THE LOBBY AND SCREWING UP PEOPLE'S MAX PRESTIGE LEVEL? THIS IS F'ING RIDICULOUS 


Also, you have hackers that are the hosting the lobby and for some reason decide to end the game all together (just 1 - 2 minutes into the game), in order to show off what they can do. One hacker ended the game early and stated "I RUN THIS S$&@ (message appears on the screen after the game ended). 


After purchasing COD: Advanced Warfare, I decided to no longer spend any more money on next edition of CALL OF DUTY, since nothing is being done about these hackers. The amount of money that is spent on the game and all of the DLC packs; more security should be added to the online COD gaming across the board (old editions and new editions of Call of Duty). This also includes players that like to MOD! There's no reason why MOD should be allow. If you don't have any skills to play COD (without MOD or using cheat codes, etc.), then you should not be playing COD. You really should be playing Mario Cart or a non-multiplayer online game!


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