COD GHOSTS we want to Merrick, Simon Special Character in PS3

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I'm tired of seeing the cool things going only for Xbox, release these new caracters for us to buy,

"" "" "" "Let's share it so we can have new characters.

please lovers of COD Ghosts.

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Microsoft pays big money to get CoD DLC a month before anywhere else. It has been this way for years now. Same way we got the Maps a month after Xbox we will get the character skin customizations a month after they did too.

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I'm still amazed that people don't know this by now. PS3 will ALWAYS get the DLC later than XBOX. Personally, I'm waiting for the additional slots add on. Plus Merrick looks pretty cool too.

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I know that first comes on xbox and then pro PS3, I just wanted that mask Simon Riley ghosts! is why I created this topic! only in pre order it came out! and who has not, will not have more! only that what I really wanted! the coolest of all!

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