COD Ghosts - issues per game format...

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COD Ghosts - issues per game format...

Heavy Duty - Excellent for making the game even more unrealistic. 10 bullets to kill someone. Oh dear.

Cranked - would be excellent if people stopped hiding. Yet if you hide, you can't get 30 seconds death so you need to find the 2 people on the opposing team that actually kill someone and need to kill in 30 seconds. Ruined for this reason.

Blitz - rewards the campers. They can then sit near their base and given 80% of your team doesn't care about anything - because the kid with his 0.4 K/D ratio needs to protect it, you will most likely find yourself to be the only one attempting to get near the enemies base.

Search and Rescue - a game where everyone on your team does not seem to understand that if they pick up your tags, you get re-spawned. More than likely, you will watch a 'team member' sit 2m's away from them and will not dare to move out of their 'comfort zone'.

Search and Destroy - it seems some people don't understand that the maps points A and B favour the attacking side sometimes, so they run to pick up the bomb to then hide in a corner. Again, trying to win is not important, protecting your lame K/D ratio is.

Infected - A game where on each level 50% of those that are not infected hide in a favourable position. You then have to contend with the fact if you aren't infected that despite point blank those infected, they are able to knife facing 180 degrees away from where you are, yet the kill cam will rub it in your face they were facing you and you hadn't fired your gun.

Kill confirmed - a game where everyone hides and doesn't bother collecting the opposing teams tags because they need to protect their awful K/D ratio. If you have 1 other person on your team that cares about winning, you win.

Domination - the only protecting/taking of bases occurs in the first 5 seconds. After that, it appears no one is interested in the point of the game (see above for reasoning).

Free-for-all - Generally involves 1 person that is good, dominating the level and 7 other people hiding. It doesn't work as the best person gets all the kills while the others are afraid to move.

Other issues -

1. Anything that isn't hardcore is so unreal, it is embarrassing. multiple bullets to the head. No death.Hmm.

2. The maps - they need to stop creating maps for the pussies. Stop creating loads of windows. It encourages those of limited ability to never move when there are 0.5 million hiding spots.

3. Why is infected the only game that works that encourages action? No other game seems inclined to perpetuate action.

I have so many ideas for games that could make this 10x better. Or would at least cater for those that are interested in action and those that interested in not dying. Yet what I have found is that COD now rewards those that stay in corners personally, and penalises those that want to win because you are stuck with a bunch of lame arses half the time.

Could it not be tiered to general play?

Before anyone starts moaning, I have a 1.44 K/D even with these complaints and am in a clan in the platinum division. This is not for any reason other than highlighting the fact I am not a 0.5 player that is moaning because I suck.

To me, the first MW will always be the best because the map sizes were perfect. If the game continues to be too expansive, it will lose those that enjoyed the pureness of COD and will end up creating the most boring of games to be a part of.

1 minute of toggling between your teammates is enough to make made you cook a grenade and blow yourself up at present.

It needs sorting. OR some other game creator needs to come up with a format that doesn't reward standing in the same place.

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Re: COD Ghosts - issues per game format...

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Im at my wits end too and it doesn't seem to be getting any better!?

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