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COD should just include a DLC mod download for free so everyone can just mod at the same time! Or better yet have it in the options so everyone can cheat together.

I'm being silly here cuz I had a discussion with this other guy and he seems to have it set in his mind that modding, hacking, and jailbreaking was OK since it's been done for a long while now.

I'm just interested in what people think about this. This would make everyone equal and make the game entertaining for 5 minutes for me. It would make the cheater feel inadequate and play the same as everyone else.

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Obviously being silly this isn't serious. But lets take a look at how it would go. What IF they released a buy-able code to automatically get tenth prestige? I feel like this would be an interesting option. It would allow players to create new account for new clans etc. (since PS doesn't support name change like Xbox does) without worry of losing their rank unlocks. It would also cut down on people's desires to get into modded lobbies since they usually pay $20 to get into one anyway. And this would ofcourse leave the legitimate rank up progress free for the people willing to put into the time.

Next is colored clan tags. We had these in BO1. I've always wondered why they got rid of them since (my guess is too many false complaints about hackers!). As another potential micro-transaction they would only gain to profit from it (I know I would buy it). And having such a cool feature in game there would be no need to hack for it (obviously certain colors like in this game's case red and gold would be reserved for clan use only).

Camo's they already do. (although there are plenty that are quite tempting to "hack" to get right now. when will we get those cool ones and not these lame character's faces ones?)

These alone make up a large majority of the reason's people mod so much in this game. If they cut down on the demand for these I wonder if modding would be nearly as profitable as it is now.

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