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Fellow forum goers, please allow CODBlackIce to respond before giving in to a need to respond yourselves.

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Regarding COD Ghosts PS3 English Community thread:

Your comment, before closing the thread is included below:

Why not contribute to the existing post you commented on vs creating an entirely new post and directing everyone here? This is considered spam and therefore will be locked.

CODBlackIce | Global Forum Moderator

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Am I to understand that if I have commented on a topic in a thread and I wish to comment further I can ONLY find the old thread and comment in it?  Creating a new thread is considered spam, a violation of the community standards? Even if in this case the content of my post differs from my previous post (i.e. responding to another’s opinion and then posting about my opinion)

If this is indeed true, I think all Mods need to take your job more seriously and ban the majority of the regulars as I see a number of people, myself included, commenting in any number of threads regarding our opinion about the game.  Some of us regulars have created quite a large number of threads voicing opinion about the game, apparently spamming the group every time we do.

Furthermore, I do not see how just creating a new thread is spam and posting game opinion in a number of currently open threads by other authors is not.  Surely it is the repeated content that is spam and not the number of threads. Having already commented in the thread you referred the OP of the thread you closed to, had I commented in his thread before you closed it, would I be spamming the community?  Since I already commented in any number of threads regarding my opinion of the game, was I already guilty of spamming the community when I posted in the thread you referred the OP to?

Additionally, with the plethora of threads with opinions of the game having been already opened, why was the thread you referred the OP to not closed for spamming the community?  The OP of THAT thread should have added his comments to existing game opinion threads, no?  After all, the OP of THAT thread had commented in threads about opinion of the game previously.

Perhaps if you find the original thread about opinions about the game and sticky it, then close all the others for spamming the community, we can all just continue to add to that one thread while the game runs its course for a year.

A second thread for technical with a sticky and a third for clans and you pretty much cover all the discussion outside of a few one offs.

At that point, you job becomes easier, since anyone posting anything in that article that had already been mentioned can be punished for spamming.  There will undoubtedly be offenders since few will read every word of a 246 page thread. Any NEW threads about opinions on the game can also be closed immediately for spam.

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