Chrome Lined / Variable Scope glitch

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I have been trying to unlock the Special Operations for these two and when I put both the attachments on the L115, it doesn't count any of the kills towards this Challenge. I started off using only the Chrome Lined attachment and have racked up somewhere between 100 and 250, but i wouldn't know because Infinity Ward can't put a simple counter into the game. But since I've put the Variable Zoom on with it, I haven't racked up anymore kills towards these two challenges.I put the Chrome Lined on the L115 at around 300 kills and I put the Variable Zoom on when I was on about 450 kills, now I have 917. Please look into this as I have wasted a lot of time trying to unlock the Ghillie suits.

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Everything you do in this game. Every Attachment you use. In order to get the patches etc etc you have to unlock it in the operations, than select it so that it starts to count to get everything special.

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Sorry, I don't understand what you mean, could you elaborate?

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go to the operations you see those five operations you have those when completed will give you whatever patch they give.. now what you have to do is get the challenge you want to complete in that operations, so keep buying new operations until the one you want to complete shows up and then complete it for your patch

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how do you get the chrome barrel attachment?

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Sniper Rifles

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Where did you find the chrome lined? I can't even find that attachment. It's not listed in PS4 barrel attachments, for sniper rifles or any other weapon.

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