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I have the seasson pass can't find free fall?????   downloaded now onslaught, can't find the new weapons...  its really f****d up......

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Hello valiumke,

Thank you for posting!

Can you please let us know if you are contacting us from the US? If so, please be patient while the download is fully available on the PSN. For any updates you can check: PSN Status: Online.

Thank you,


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Can you explain why when i bought Onslaught on ps3 it didnt transfer to ps4 ? Its asking me to pay $15 again after reading your support page that playstation can transfer but xbox cant

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I can't even access the playstation network. I bought the pass to and have waited patiently. This is bs. I called Sony and they said i have a router problem. That is a bs answer too!!  You would think a big company like that would be prepared for this. Whoever replies - this is sinus fault not Activision. This happens on clan wars to.

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