Don't Bother cutting your Mic on it would make a Sailor blush

Ghosts PlayStation 3

Ooh, this is fairly awesome! I like it! This will lead to lots of fun. (puts troll hat on)

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tried it typed RLBL and i got Ralph Lauren Black Label *facepalm*

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Agree makes me wonder where the adults are in the house. I really wonder when I am playing at 3-4am est and I hear what sounds like a 10 year old on mic screaming and cussing and YET not a single sound of mom or dad busting into the room and yelling WTF do you think you are doing.

And like a previous poster said, I didn't grow up with a bar of soap. But I did grow up with a leather belt and a backhand. 40 years old truck driver for the last 15 years and I still don't swear around mom....go figure!

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i grew up with the same thing lol, those leather belts are deadly

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Give people a mask and the freedom to do and say whatever they want and hell on earth you shall receive.

In this case the mask and freedom is the internet.

Teenagers rarely ever use their brain before they do anything or say anything anyways.

They think they know it all and they are the first to discover anything they try.

These video game virgins always make me laugh.

COD is the only game they have ever seen or played.

Just remember to stay frosty when playing against rage trolls.

The best way to piss them off and shut them down is to ignore them.

They go crazy when you do that lmao.

I always have my mic muted when I play.

I mute everyone with a button on my headset,

I only unmute them to hear them after I win on FFA.

The hate flows strong thru negative K/D losers.

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