Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

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Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW ...

So I noticed that MW2 was the last great CoD. It required BOTH skill and thought.

1) The maps were made with a nice flow that often felt like a intelligent battlefield that you could use to your advantage.A Large building might have 2 or 3 ways in and a small structure/building might have 2 at most. Also in many cases buildings were placed Against the edge of the map which ment you couldnt run around them. You had a couple ways to breech and that was it.

2) Items like Claymores & IED's force Tactical thinking.

example: You trip a claymore. You know the building the guy you were going after has claymores. Act accordingly. Flash or Stun grenades will shut a device down and theres that overpowered SitRep that makes all equipment useless. So WHY are losers still complaining?

3) Scavenger ACTUALLY WORKED! So I kill a guy. Grab a scavy and I get some ammo and a claymore. Plenty Fair. Your entire team has near unlimited lives and grenades and everything to throw at me. IF I'm good enough to survive that and smart enough to outwit your team time and time again then I DESERVE my scavy packs again, and again. I SHOULD be able to keep going and Never die due to a lack of supplies when Im fighting hordes of ReSpawners who rush me like zombies.

4) Paper Walls. CoD has gone overboard with BO2 and their paper walls. You think you're behind cover? Well guess what asshole. Youre not! Muhahahahaha. Kids hop online with their shitty aim and they dont even shoot YOU anymore. They shoot at your feet through the wall and kill you. WTF? MW1 and MW2 you use to actually have to SHOOT the person.

5) Bullets Actually use to kill people when I was growing up. Thats right you heard me. Back in MY Day with MW1 and MW2 you only needed 2 to 3 bullets to kill a guy. In MW3 the M4A1 required 7 bullets sometimes. Thats right 7 Bullets from the waist up to kill someone. My DMR in Halo takes 5. My BR in Halo takes 4. Why the fuck is my M4A1 and other weapons taking 7 shots to kill someone? .... .....

6) Killstreaks earned you Killstreaks. IF youre good enough to get kills with your killstreak and the enemy is dumb enough to let you harvest them like cattle. Why shouldnt each kill count towards your next? Killstreaks are EASY to avoid and not hard to shoot down. REWARD me for having the skill to get them.

These three things have been changed in CoD games because people who ARENT good enough complain and whine about "camping". Theres a Difference between "Camping" and "Hiding". The dude tucked away in a corner with a shotgun waiting for you to walk through the door is Hiding. Camping is a strategic style of play that forces people to use their wits and not just their grenades or Marathon/Lightweight to try to kill you.

STOP Catering to noobs. Stop dumbing down a great tactical/action FPS. Stop making a simple office room have 3 or 4 ways into it. Stop nerfing and ruining claymores and tactical equipment. REWARD THE PLAYER that STAYS ALIVE.

If someone has the ability to claymore two entrances of a building and fight a fair fight then whats the problem with making sure that they are properly supplied. Scavenger resupplying bullets is a joke. You can get bullets from other guns or just pick up other guns. The Equipment is what makes the Scavenger perk Tactical. If I cant have decent tactics in a War game then I might as well be on halo running around like the idiots who complain about MW1 and MW2 should be doing.

IW and REAL Gamers need to Support the more Tactical side of CoD. Gun Runners have had several games now. BO1 and BO2 and MW3 all favored close range combat. Let the guy who wants to take over a building like in MW1 and MW2 with his sniper have some claymores and do his thing. The way I see it, is IF you cant shoot me in the front then you dont deserve to Walx right on into my camp and shoot me in the back.

FIX these Anti-Camper maps and give us the style we had for MW1 and MW2. Where both Campers and Runners could have fun. Now its only the Runners as if you even TRY to camp theres a minimum of 3 ways into your tiny room or large building. IW has gone so far with ANTI-Camping that they're building designs are NO LONGER remotely realistic.

It use to be where the maps were semi-symmetrical. And two teams could sit across from eachother and engage eachother in a wild firefight like they were duking it out in the middle o Iraq. Some maps even had Obvious "Strong" points such as Afghan in MW2 where the hill over looked the map, PERFECT for sniping and it generally only had 2 ways to get up there. Now theres so many ways, around, over, through or under a map that you cant have an intelligent gun fight. Its all about Running around like a chicken with its head cut off. As they say.

Also on a side note. Take out all this player assisting crap. Thermal was fair night vision was fine but now you have Target Finder and Millimeter Scanner and all sorts of things to just make it "easier" for people to find people. WTF? What happened to using your damn eyes. STOP babysitting bad players. For real. Because I LOVED what CoD USE to be. Just check out my Videos


I dont hate you Activision. Infinity Ward. Treyarch. I just hate what you've become.

So Lets get it right. Lets go back to the Roots of CoD gameplay And I'll be the 1st to buy it, promote it and give it some good honest Reviews that a CoD game should be able to earn!

Lets have some marshmallows. Lets have some smores. Lets NOT camp in corners like a noob but Lets lock down some buildings and make it into a suitable snipers nest. Lets See the sniper we want to kill and THINK about the best way into the building and past the equipment for the kill. Not just Complain about how you're too dumb to avoid tripping the same claymore again and again.

Again guys Support this Camping movement. Support this Intelligent play style because we are Campers, we are Many.

IF you want to whine about this play style then at least have a 1.6 K/D and be ready to Prove it. I'm tired of hearing Garbage players whine about a Smart game mechanic because they cant wrap their tiny heads around it.


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TLDR this rant.

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Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping!...

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then y bother posting?

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Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping!...

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Everyone has a different playstyle, there's a difference between tactical 'Camping'.. and sitting in a random corner for minutes waiting for someone to walk by. Personally I play really aggressive because I find it the most entertaining way to play and it works for me.

Since when play pubs.. i don't want to play to tactically, i usually run ghost and flack jacket.

My kd is 3,5.

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There is no difference between someone in a corner and someone tactically camping.  They are both using tactics that are better than yours when they kill you.  Not their fault you walk into their sights for an easy kill.

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I've only read the part about Claymores and i just say: Whats tactical in placing something that kills for you?
If you have to cover 2 ways you find a proper spot, thats tactic, not throwing some gear on one side and just worrying about the other.

You said they need to stop dumbing down this game but you actually support one of the cheapest ways of playing. Nice logic

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Sorry but if someone walks into a claymore someone has set up that's there fault, in no way is rigging up a trap cheap tactics, also I like to call it locking down apart of a map not camping.

Camping to me is someone who sits looking at a door, for x amount of time for a kill, then does not move. As well  where they camp does not help the team, as in does not hold a flank, or if the other team runs past, and he does not kill or shot at will not move to kill.

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I never mentioned camping...anyway placing a claymore in a narrow path always grants you a kill, while you maybe are on the other side of the map and has no clue of whats happening near the spot your claymore is placed. You could go around placing claymores all game without even shooting a single bullet and still getting some kills, isnt that cheap?

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How is using lethals cheap? A kill is a kill. Too many people cry instead of trying to get better.

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Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping!...

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Im not crying, i run with Sitrep/Engineer to avoid all those lame equipment in fact.

As i said, its cheap because you basically get a kill while doing nothing, you could be hiding in a corner aiming at the sky after placing down a Claymore.

Killstreak kills from automated stuff are cheap too, but at least you earned them doing something.

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