Extinction Vs. Zombies

Ghosts PlayStation 3


honestly the first couple times I played it I wasn't that impressed, but then I started to play for the trophies and once I started getting into it I couldn't stop playing it! Also if you think it is too easy try to get the completionist trophy...it makes me want to break things.

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I like a lot about it, but I'm still trying to figure out EXACTLY how I feel about it. I know I like it more than zombies. And I do love me some zombie slaying. I been addicted eversince playing Resident Evil 2 in 1998. First RE game I ever played, now I love all things zombies.

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Yup, it was fun for 2days for me. Zombies is far better IMO and although they sorta screwed it up a bit in blops2 ( again my opinion) the first iteration of zombies and the DLC that followed was tremendous, really good story and always left you with a thirst for knowledge about more of the storyline, the mechanics on W@W zombies were spot on. One of my favourite gaming experiences

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The only way I find that Extinction and Zombies are in any way similar is that they're extra modes for the game itself with an unusual enemy to fight. Other than that, Zombies is non-linear survival based game. Extinction is linear objective and defensive based game. They play differently, and are entirely different. I think that Neversoft did a great job with Extinction though, and it's very fun to play.

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I have always loved Neversoft ever since the Tony Hawk games, until they became waaaaay too outrageous with the skating objectives. I get that they are games, but my god...

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