Freaking hackers...

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I'm sorry but activision or whomever are terrible, from leader boards being hacked to in-game hacks. Since COD started the leader board has always been hacked and they still haven't sorted it out? Already in Ghosts im seeing people hacking the game having all perks and infinite kill streaks?? Wont be long before people will be flying. Why doesn't this happen in the likes of Battlefield? or if it does ive NEVER seen it.. I'm sorry but i think this is going to be the last COD game ill ever buy, its just got ridiculous now... I didn't spend my money to have all this wrong with a game, you think they would of learned by now after every single COD game being hacked in the past. Anybody else sick of this nonsense?

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Hi there,

Should you encounter a user not playing the game as intended, please take a moment to use the in-game report feature Activision Support as this is the proper way to report a player.

Thanks ^AH

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