Friends/Party Members Cannot Communicate With Me, Even Though Muting Is Off?

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Last night, we were all playing online and everyone was able to converse with each other normally. However, we just played today, and I couldn't hear them at all when we were at the menu where it says "Find Game" and "Private Match." When we got into lobbies, we could talk again. The muting is completely off. I can converse with the party leader easily, and so can the other people in the party. We simply can't communicate with each other for some reason.

I'm not entirely sure how to explain it. Here's the most simplistic way I can;

Our party consists of 4 people;


Party leader



Both of the people who are called "Friend" live in the same house and use the same router to connect to the Internet. I live alone, and the party leader lives alone. Friend, friend, and myself can all communicate with the party leader. Friend and friend can communicate with each other, but I cannot communicate with them. They both cannot hear me, but I can hear them. Whatever the problem is, it seems to disappear the second we get into lobby and we can communicate fine during matches and in pre-game lobbies. However, if we leave a lobby and we are just sitting at the "Find Game/Private Match" menu, we suddenly can't communicate.

Has anybody experienced this and fixed it? I couldn't figure it out, and neither could they. It's not a huge deal, but sometimes we discuss things at the find game menu prior to actually searching for lobbies. We can't do that right now.

Additionally; I couldn't connect to either of the users labelled as Friend if they were leading a party, and they could not connect to my party, but the user labelled as "Party leader" could connect to my party and could also connect to Friend & Friend.

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Tbh I didn't read all of your post due to the length.

However,  the problem is down to you and your parties NAT type.

In order to ensure this doesn't happen you will all need to have an open NAT type. Just look it up on youtube if you don't know how to do this

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Sometimes I'll be shoutin out locations, communicating heavy with friendlies, we're winning,  and then I realize, damn I muted the lobby or my mic was off,  ha ha ha.  Totally unrelated, but funny nonetheless!?  Your problem is probably game related though, and patchable?  Ive heard of similar problems on the boards.

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We all have an open NAT most of the time and we still experience this problem. We also use wired connections. I thought it was the NAT as well, and then I tried experimenting with my router to see if it would work. Another interesting thing came up yesterday, though. I was able to communicate with an entire lobby (apart from the people who I labelled as Friend and Friend) and they were able to as well.

It simply doesn't make sense. Sometimes we can communicate perfectly fine, and then other times we will have to wait until we're in pre-game lobbies or actual matches. It's frustrating.

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Yeah my brother's had the same issue when he plays with friends sometimes. I don't know if his issue was in the match or in the find game lobby, but he has the same issue sometimes.

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