Game modes, map size, weapon power, and spawn zones.

Ghosts PlayStation 3

Game modes, map size, weapon power, and spawn zone...

out of all the game modes you guys take out demolition ? The fast paced, team work kind of game ? That is my personal favorite and I was pretty disappointed when I saw that it was gone. Same with ground war. What is up with infection, only one gun EVERY GAME ? What happened to the random guns ? You guys should change that and bring demolition and ground war back ! The maps are too big making for a lot of down time running around looking for enemies. Which bring me back to the need for ground war and demolition to push player to a to an objective point and to make there be a lot of players on the battle field at one time. The assault rifle are to powerful and the CQB guns aren't powerful enough, making it unfun to run around with one. The spawning also needs work. To many times do I find myself being killed by an enemy that just spawned next to me or I spawned by them and they killed me. Set spawn zones.

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