Getting matched with DLC players after deleting Onslaught?

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Hello, the other night I decided to delete the Onslaught DLC. The pool of players that you are matched against due to having the DLC (mainly full parties) I found to be an unenjoyable experience, even though I was still wining the majority of games, I just did not want to play against extreme campers any longer.

I am aware that if you have Onslaught downloaded, you only get matched with other DLC owners, even in the normal playlists, such as regular TDM.  Or is that wrong information?

After deleting Onslaught, I am playing against people here and there who have the Maverick gun. The lobbies have been much more enjoyable to play in and you can definitely tell the difference, but I was just curious as to why some of these people have the Maverick gun if DLC owners are separated from non DLC owners?

I will eventually re download Onslaught when it is put in to regular rotation, but for now I do not think the new maps are special enough to have my gaming experience ruined.

Thanks in advance.  


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I don't have the DLC, but if the maps aren't yet in regular rotation the normal playlists will still match you with everyone. Or if they are in the regular rotation and you are playing without the DLC you are just occasionally meeting players who have the DLC but partied up with someone who doesn't.

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I no longer play Onslaught as it is unplayable due to lag but I did not delete it. My regular rotation play is okay but everyone is using the Maverick so I doubt they are separated.

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    I assume the reason for the maps not being in rotation would be because of the numbers in matchmaking, so I wouldnt think it should make any difference at this time.

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