Ghosts Clan Commander got kicked?.. help!

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Ghosts Clan Commander got kicked?.. help!

Hello everyone, I have a question and am looking for immediate help. Our clan, GGR: Global Genocide Regime, has lost its commander. While in the last clan war, he was on the app and was deleting his 'clan invites' from other clans and when he came upon an invite from one of our lieutenant commanders (for GGR) he accidentally clicked accept, doing so, he somehow got demoted from commander and is now a soldier.. Him and I both have contacted Activision, to get this issue rectified, with no help what-so-ever. I personally just got off the phone with 'Activision Support' and all they had to say was that they in no way control the clans, or the app, only the game itself, and that i need to contact BeachHead Studios, then he went on to say there is no way other than twitter to contact them..But when my commander had tweeted BeachHead they told him to contact Activision....????  I am wondering if anyone else reading this has had OR heard of this issue and how it was fixed..Please Help!! We are going on our third week leaderless, with no hope for an answer.. Thank You, any ideas are welcomed and will be researched! <3 Precious_Punk - Lieutenant Commander - GGR

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Re: Ghosts Clan Commander got kicked?.. help!

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Same thing happened to me I was commander of (kamps) kill all moronic people . I have contacted activision several times and they have no answer, they keep telling me to unlink everything and redo it on app and console . It didn't work! The app actually sent me an envite after it kicked me but no one on the clan sent it. It's been about three or four weeks that we haven't had a leader , now we don't even get the clan point added to our clan has been the same for three weeks level 16. This is extremely frustrating!!!

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