Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

Ghosts PlayStation 3


I think my connection is too fast for this game.  I have hip fired several times, I do mean several, at point blank and nothing.  Hit markers and getting shot once and dying.  I have fired down sites straight up on an enemy the BANG, I'm dead. Run surprisingly by an unknown enemy only to be stabbed in the back from the hand coming out of his back and they are facing the other way. Seriously?  I am not the greatest COD player ever, but I am getting robbed left and right on this game.  Where are the dedicated servers at?  I think the "rumor" was made to sell games.  I am sorry but this is how I feel.  I didn't think I could rage more at a game than I did in Black Ops II.  Well I was wrong.  My PS3 has almost been the victim of a few things this time. What the heck is up with the PS3 online.  Direct connect and get 18-20 speed.  Come on man! I really believe the lag is terrible in this game. Worst ever.  That includes BOII.  Sorry Activision I think I am done with COD.  Infinity Ward and Activision really don't care about their internet game play, so I don't care about spending $60 for another game.

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My Internet connection is legitimately terrible. I have to run most YouTube videos on 360p and sometimes I can get 480p. However, I run Ghosts fine most of the time. I can barely run Black Ops II. It works, but I find that I lag a lot more on Black Ops than Ghosts. For the first week that I owned Ghosts, the lag was really bad, but it's fine now. I don't have anything to report but the fact that my actual Internet speed is total crap. I think you're either a) experiencing poor connectivity due to a poor ISP, or b) making it up to bash Ghosts. I can run Ghosts and Battlefield 4 on a bad day better than I can run Black Ops II on a good day.

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I have to say it is few and far between that I have any lag on ghosts HC modes that is.

I don't know if your playing core or hardcore or what part of the world you are from but I can say I have no problems with lag.

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Worse than bo2? WOW

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Yes it is.  The compensation was never this bad for me as in BO2.  I am continually being shot behind walls, stabbed face to face by guys already by me, and hit markers out the you know what.  It sucks.  100,000 of people complain about the same stuff everyday.  So some people aren't experiencing bad compensation, they think the game isn't broke.  I used my phone as a hot spot two games in a row and went 22-3 and 28-4.  I go back to my direct connect and first two games 4-15 and 6-11.  The compensation is destroying people with great connections.  I have great internet.  Play many games online.  I have never ever dealt with the online crap I deal with as in the Call Of Duty games.  I have been playing these games since the first WOW.  You name it and I played it.  I am not bashing Call of Duty by any means.  I love the gameplays and single player campaigns.  I think Black OPs II had some of the best gameplay ever.  I bash the connection.  I can not believe for one minute as much as the money as the game has made there are no dedicated servers.  It makes a difference.  If anyone thinks you have them now you are highly mistaken.  I just think it is a shame.  We will see another COD this year probably. I am sure it will break records and sell.  I wonder how long before someone makes another close related game and fixes the online experience.  I wouldn't doubt that someone is not working on it right now.

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Please don't say stuff like "compensation" ______________.... you don't know what you are talking about, and spreading false info doesn't help anything.

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Everyone connects to games differently.  I have always connected better with IW over Treyarch

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I can tell when I'm on dedicated servers, the game start is distinctly different, so I know they are there. We were told not everybody would be on them all the time, so no conspiracy there.

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     If the timer starts over 30 seconds, the connection for me is much better than when it starts under 15, and it's not worth selecting a class if the match is already underway by the time I connect.

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ghosts gives me better connection due to the fact that there is no matched making system.

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