Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I have better connection on Black ops 2 then ghost.

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my connection was brutal for BO2, ghosts is much better

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Last gen is terrible. I played on PS3 and BO2 was VERY frustarting. Maybe the excessive lag comp helped you in BO2 but Ghosts is FAR better than BO2. Maybe it's time to upgrade to next gen as they seem handle the MP portion much better.

Do you live near a large city and do you have at least basic cable internet??

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I hear what you are say. there are a great number of unknowns that can contribute to lag. I kept my T.V. below a certain size upgraded my internet but I still had less lag in black ops two then in ghost.

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Are you near a large city though? If you live outside of heavily populated areas, you most likely will connect to people far away. It will also be P2P, not dedicated.

FYI. I use a hardwired connection on my xone.

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Ghosts has the most stable servers to date. There are tons of variables that come into play when playing online games.

Here are a few:

  • Your location to host
  • Your internet speed
  • Packet Loss
  • Your internet load (other devices on your connection using bandwidth)
  • Trace Routing (the way your connection is routed to the host...Example: Your signal bounces from LA to FL to Texas to Host)
  • ISP issues (your provider having problems)
  • Wifi Signal Issues (placement of PS3 to Wireless Router)

You must trouble shoot all these first.

Also ALL server signals are NEVER the same. They vary all the time.

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MW3 - Unplayable. Massive penalty to host and decent connections..

BLOPS2 – Not great but best connection fairness from the last 3-4 cod titles..
[but if you get a good start the 2nd half of the match is always hard, and vice
versa if you get a bad start]

Ghosts – Currently very bad – yesterday’s biggest wtf moment – ADSing at the
corner on Warhawk [short- medium distance] in front as I hear an enemy running
along the alley…. then I’m dead and watching the kill cam, when there was absolutely
nothing on my screen... kill cam clearly showing other player rounding the
corner, mid sprint, then ads their gun and then shoot me down while I'm stood there
like a noob who’s gone for a cuppa mid game..

Internet: 70mb down, 20 up, London BT Infinity, 7ms ping [8ms wireless] 0
Jitter..[20ms ping to Scotland]..

*Played on my mates crappy internet and had fairer games… Doesn’t take a
genius to figure what’s going on…  time
to downgrade to take advantage of this situation and save in the process!

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MW3 had connection problems to but black ops 2 connection was FAR worst and way more frequent. As for has the best connection out of the three, very balanced. It only lags a few times, apart from that the connection is near enough perfect. BO2 was unplayable, you play zombies, your team mates time out, your on a high round you disconnect, the game screen freezes. In multiplayer you shoot first, die first, lag comp, connection interrupted and you get taken back to the lobby. Too many problems, too frequent..very unplayable.

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If you are getting Packet Loss, that is worse then slow speeds. Also what is your PS3 connection speeds? Do a quick test in your PS3 in the Setting / Network Settings / Internet Connection Test

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I have a hunch that in alot of cases packet loss is the problem.

I began Ghosts with a horrible experience, then throttled my upload to 200kbps which gave me an ovious and definite good playing experience, then BAM, December 20th it all fell apart and has stayed that way up until now.

I am oviously delayed behind most players i connect to, i don't see their stop and aim animation, i don't sense any hits until i'm 1 shot away from being dropped (although sometimes i hear the audio of the bullets) and even though i believed i had a clear headstart on the opponent, it instead appears i am walking blindly not even firing. No amount of tweaking has had any effect nor have i had a good connection since Dec 20th.

After discovering a few issues in my modem log i contacted my ISP, they claim its a 'high utlization' fault (they over-subscribed their equipment to me and you) and agreed that it can lead to packet loss. I have allowed a company to monitor my connection for 48 hours and used software like Pingplotter to evaluate hops used in the game and lo and behold i found quite a consistent and nasty amount of packet loss.

Most of it is at my ISP's hops, some where the ISP joins another network and sometimes its at the other end. My ISP uses a hybrid fibre optic and are not only heavily congested but have alot of faults rall over the country (hops which my line often uses). They promise to upgrade the lines, im not waiting anymore. Even after the upgrade, i believe their equipment can never guarantee line quality under heavy usage, only large bandwidth.

Funny enough, when i did connect to a lobby that seemed slightly more playable than usual, i tested the addresses in my router's log and there was alot less packet loss along the hops.

Under normal testing my line seems perfectly fine. Im receiving full bandwidth, my ping is 14ms to nearest server, jitter 2ms and i can ping around the world with consistent and impressive results. But if im not mistaken this is irrelevant as we have to test for UDP packets (if this is possible) which i believe my ISP are chewing up as torrent traffic. Also, again i might be wrong but once a UDP packet is lost, it is gone for good as there is no timestamp or receipt of arrival ?

My new ISP will recognise and prioritise gaming traffic, even game specific, over their entire network and were tested as suffering the least packet loss in the UK. I am really hoping this will do the trick, but i can't find out until Feb 12th dam 'em. They were a ADSL2 service but have now upgraded to FTTC.

So considering the treacherous journey our data has to make through the various hops and network jumps, with an application so sensitive and reliant on UDP, is packet loss the problem when regarding a playing experience as i and others have similarily described ?

I'd encourage people to test their connection using software like Pingplotter while using various internet appplications then compare it to COD paths - but im probably the least technically proficient guy to suggest anything on this subject. The packet loss i found could be normal (although we are talking 10-50% loss at the bad hops) and the data was in fact being resent !?

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