Ghosts connection is worse than Black OPS II

Ghosts PlayStation 3

theroc23 wrote:

Where are all the players with crappy connections that are complaining about this? There is a  very distinct and noticeable pattern of people with high-speed internet complaining about connection issues, but you rarely see those with poor service complaining. The missed boat in the second post says a lot.

Poster A- "Hey, I think my internet is too good because my game plays horrible"

Poster B- "Hey, my connection is the WORST and my game runs GREAT! Check your connection."

So much missing the point the OP is making...while at the same time inadvertently proving the OP's point. LOL   

Question is: Who actually comes here and admits they have a poor connection (they are rare).

My connection has never been better in this game than others, and I hardly complained about that. Though latency issues will always be part of online gaming.

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Apart from split screeners and sometimes when air support is called in have no lag on ghosts, blops2 on the other hand was atrocious. I only play HC on it as the lag ain't so severe. MW 3/2 not much lag either as someone else has posted may be I connect to IW better.

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I'm not ready to say that QUITE yet.  But I'm getting there. 

For me MW3 had the worst hit detection of any COD game, but BO2 was close. 

The thing that's keeping me from saying Ghosts is worse than those two is the first month or so after Ghosts came out, my connection was great!  Seriously, better than any COD game dating back to MW1.  I was so happy with it.  Now the last month or so that has not been the case.  It's been bad far more than it's been good. 

I'm hoping it gets back to the connectivity I had the first month in...  not optimistic, but hopeful.  Because when this game is playing well, it's maybe my favorite COD to date.  When it's playing bad...  it has the potential to be the worst ever... by far...

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Same here, I had the smoothest running games ever for the first couple weeks.

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Ok false.  I do know what I am talking about.  The compensation is a prediction from the host where I am going to be on the game.  So you do the math a slow connection to the game compared to mine.  Host receives the signal and there it is you're compensation.  It puts me around the corner on mine and right in front of the enemy on his.  So yes there is lag compensation.  I know they are not physically doing anything to my connection.  I am being throttled with the P2P improved compensating system they are using.  It isn't working period.  If I had unlimited smartphone data I would play on my phone as a hotspot all the time.  When I am running around the maps and someone else is visibly glitching that is a problem.  So their new improved system stinks.  The average speed in the lobby ends up the host.  The slower they are than me, the worst the game play is.  We all can tell when this is.  Everyone you shoot is not dying.  Your aim sucks all of a sudden and you can't hit the broad side of a barn Please don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about.  I have been around a long time.  It takes approximately 8fps to kill an enemy.  I am compensated then it takes me 8+ there is a problem.

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BrilliantBus wrote:

Please don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about.  .

But the thing is with respect you dont.

There is so many incorrect statements being made in this post already.

first off what you all are calling speed is bandwidth. it is NOT speed it does not mean you have faster or slower internet than someone else. Online gaming relies on ping, the time it takes tfor a packet to reach a server from your console. Having more bandwidth (which you incorrectly refer to as speed ) does NOT mean you have a better ping.

Lag compensation does NOT throttle a connection, nor does it "compensate" a player over another.

BrilliantBus wrote:

Ok false.  I do know what I am talking about.  The compensation is a prediction from the host where I am going to be on the game.  So you do the math a slow connection to the game compared to mine.  Host receives the signal and there it is you're compensation. 

Nope utterly wrong. The simplest way to explain what people refer to as "lag comp" is to say EVERYONES screen is unique , what you see on YOUR screen is how the game would look if everyone had around the same ping, it is done NOT to compensate a player but to remove the EFFECTS of lag , skipping players, rubber banding, having to aim ahead or behind a players model.

the simple fact is with or without any form of "lag comp" the overiding rule in ANY online game is  pingis king.

Look there is numerous posts on here explaining how "lag comp works" theres some great videos that explain stuff could i suggest you all go off and read watch a few before continuing down this path of adding more incorrect info on top of incorrect info.

a good place to start would be Drift0r's videos on lag comp

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Everyone knows the bandwidth as speed. That is why that word was used.  Ping measures the latency, the delay of the connection, between you and the host.  I do know yes you can still have a bad ping with a good connection.  The compensation comes in from the host relaying all the information to your screen and the others.  I have already said this once.  It is a small prediction of information to what you are seeing and what the others are seeing.  I already know that "Lag" is always there.  I think the whole universe knows this by now.  Everyone's solution seems to be disconnect and find another lobby. Why should it be like that? The old Drift0r video you referred to explains the same concept of why and how it is taking place.  You die too fast on COD games.  I do not mean this in a getting shot sense.  I mean the game play itself.  The FPS of COD is a quick death.  Your internet connection has to keep up with this quick gameplay.  I am trying to say they have not tried to fix the online experience for any COD game we have had.  I to this day have had better connection experience on Black OPs II than Ghosts.  When I can use my phone as a hotspot to my playstation , consistently kill 20+ people in a game of TDM or KC there is a problem.  I am direct connected to the modem and barely breaking even in a game.  I am definitely not trying to pick a fight.  This is not something I am making up it is happening.  IW told us on twitter, facebook there will be dedicated servers.  When? Where? How come they haven't answered one question in any forum about the dedicated servers?  We are all a profit to them.  I think we deserve more out of a game franchise we are help keeping on top.

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OP has a point. When the game came out it was utterly broken. I just couldn't win gun fights. When I sprint and encountered an enemy who was also sprinting before I could even react I was dropping dead. And no it was nothing to do with my reaction time.

I've also had the shoot first yet get killed problem happen to me. I've also had problems where I'd shoot an enemy at near point blank yet there would be no hit marker.

As the weeks went on it has gotten more playable (maybe they improved on it without mentioning it in their patch notes) however I still have matches where it is simply ridiculous and I have to put in every piece of effort just to keep a positive K/D whereas other matches I get K/D's of over 5 easily.

Even if the lag compensation is very slight it still makes a huge difference.

My K/D is a nice positive and has been for a while.

There might be the chance of skill cancellation in call of duty to an extent. You'll either be on the good or bad side of lag comp. When you're on the bad side you'll have a very hard time even if you have a high skill level, it doesn't matter how good you are because the lag comp will dominantly determine if you have an amazing K/D or if you have a bad/decent K/D in matches.

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The problems you mentioned are little problems most of which occured on Bo2 as well. For me I had the worse connection on Black Ops 2. If Anything my connection on Ghosts is great.


- I would run somewhere, it would lag and take me back alot. That's only happened once on Ghosts to me.

- Connection Interrupted and takes everyone out of the match. Never happened to me on Ghosts

- Shoot First, Die First. Never happened to me on Ghosts.


- Connection Interrupted (Again)

- Times out players. I don't see this much on Ghosts as I did on BO2.

- Game Screen Freezes. When you're on a high round and it lags....which is what made it so unplayable.

Half of these problems have never even happened to me in Extinction or Squads Safeguard mode.

These problems occurred so frequently on Black Ops 2 it made the game unplayable for me at times. It's not my connection, because it works fine with everything else including Ghosts.

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they are known to slow down your speed to accommodate the speeds of others to create a balance so everyone plays at the same speed. I believe this causes people with high speeds to lag and slow speeds to have the advantage. With this, it would probably be ideal to make sure everyone in your party is not watching Netflix, downloading torrents, or browsing the iTunes store without browsing the ITunes store and/or have a connection slower than 3mb.

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