Hackers,cheaters and LOTS of lag.Activision -hackers 0-1 "hacker police"?

Ghosts PlayStation 3


Hi. I've lost my faith in the case of ensuring people that IW,Activision or anyone f***ing else who is responsible for this ***** is working on it.You dont give a F about users/customers.

What about reporting hackers?Is it work? Naah

Its not a coincidence that from about a year searching lobby,matching players and very big lags are happening.You just dont care about old ps3 platform and game titles. Some time sgo hackers reset my stats and i cant prestige because they set all my operations to -100 or -250. I earn xp very slow.I was making one prestige in 12 hours,now it take 1d12h.Of course I've contact your great support to hear :We cant do anything about it bcos this game is to old ...bla bla blah.Who can restore my stats if not you?! Well... Hackers!

Make casting for players who want to be a hacker polise in game.Give them the power to kick them from lobby.Not ban bcos there will be complains that innocent people get banned for no reason.Only kicking hacker from lobby immediately.Will see who wil be frustrated and get borren that they cant "normally" play/hack. All my frustrarion is because im helpless look like IW/Activision. OMFG.Done!

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"Hacker police" Think about it.
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Too old game. That's the point. They need to earn money on new games!


What about ignoring to buy new ones ?

After all, the newest game will be too old when they start to sell a newer one ... normally 1 year...


Nobody cares about nobody, only about money. Stop buying their products and u will see that they will start seriously caring about customers.


BTW, it will be fun for a few times to use hack/cheat software, guaranteed winning etc... after that, why should I play a game if there is no chance to loose ? Same is if there is no chance to win ?


Let it stay a game..........

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