How good do you think the bots are?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

PLEASE, SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN A HAND! I love your honesty and willingness to admit that you may not be the best player out there. As of now my K/D is 1.35, so I am not terrible, but I know when I have been beat. The difference between you and me is we can take getting killed and just being like "eh." There are not enough honest, good people like you brother. And yes, the HUMANS are ruining the game as they do everything else. I find myself hating more and more about this world everyday. When did people quit being honest? or Humble? Or really care about one another? Me and my wife volunteer at a local shelter for the downtrodden and it pisses me off the amount of people who make a donation just for the tax write off. And no, I am not looking for applause because I volunteer, I am just using it as an example. Just play and have fun, integrity intact!

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Yeah, it feels like a lot of people are treating online multiplayer more and more as some gigantic worldwide competition with some huge prize/prestige on the line. If that were the case, I could understand such huge competitiveness...but it's not. And even with small tournaments that may be held, shouldn't losing make one look at themselves more than others by showing that there are still "better" people (yes, there are corner campers and such) out there, and that they can still do better or perhaps think that maybe they need to adjust how they play in order to overcome the obstacles giving them trouble rather than constantly try to blame everyone/everything else, demanding the developers "fix things" for them?

But most of the time, it's just a game that people most likely bought just for themselves to play in their own time, like I did. That's not to say that one should jump for joy if they die/lose "all the time", I can understand that sort of frustration, but you just respawn and continue playing. After all, as brought up a few times on other threads, it's not like having a really high K/D or W/L ratio or anything will make you famous or gain you much in real life (which also makes me pity such people who feel they need to hack and cheat to win).

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I've been following a similar track, I am only playing Squads except my skill level is lower; I started on Recruit and am now playing on Regular.  I think that anyone commenting on the Bots skills need to play many matches before they can judge them because how the Bots behave can vary a lot between matches.

I've had a few matches when the Bots were easier but I also had matches when these Bots were crazy good.

I find that the Bots have the advantage where there are shrubs and grass; they seem to see right through these obstacles like it was not even there.  I saw many kill cams when the bots kills me and all that you can see is the shrub or grass but they still shoot right at me.  And I'm talking long shots too so it's not only that they heard my footsteps.  These Bots can have superman vision.

I enjoy playing Squads because for the most part it offers a well balanced match.

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