How many play styles are there?

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Good ol quickscopers! 

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lol I dont know if its a play style but I would call it LOST. I myself dont play like\use this. The closest playstyle to this Is that I occasionally use is a ROGUE- solo rush and kill as many as I can before I die(fyi normal a S&D or S&R player) alright back on track to your question and elaborate on this lost playstyle. You can say its camping but I don't know camping for what. In the most random corner ever more then likely couple meters from spawn point. Neither are you trying to get kills or defend an objective. I hope I'm not the over one that seen or experienced a player using this style

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Everyone has their own playstyle. Some people mix them up and rush around until they find a spot to camp. You can't really sum them up. There's two main styles; camping and rushing. Everything is just some various combination or the two.

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It depends on the map and objective. Like in Kill Confirm, if you're loosing, it's no good to camp or snip cuz you need tags. If it's a tiny map like Strikezone then it's better rushing than camping.

What about spawn trapping? that is another play style clans use too.

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xqdogx wrote:

It depends on the map and objective. Like in Kill Confirm, if you're loosing, it's no good to camp or snip cuz you need tags. If it's a tiny map like Strikezone then it's better rushing than camping.

I disagree. If you're losing it's not always best to try and play hero and make so crazy comeback. It might work 1 out of 100 times but that's no reason to run around like a mad man and try to stage a 30 tag comeback. It'll just get you killed more and you're team will lose quicker.

Small maps are great for camping. Strikezone is my favorite map to camp for the very reason you suggest. Players automatically think that small maps allow you to play faster which means I can camp harder and still be more productive.

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camping? my lord.

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I play all playstyles camping isn't always a bad thing if you are playing objective as long as you aren't constantly camping...i might run around kill a few people...find a good spot and pick some people off then move around some more...i play it as if this were really would have to be fucking to stupid to just run ape shit in a real have to think strategy wise

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moving in a  video game is not " moving around ape sh&*" camping is never okay  period

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As far as playstyles go, each game mode requires the use of specific ones in order to win. The only one true way to play this game is to WIN. Period. But instead of winning, the only stat some/most people care about is K/D. Why? So they can go into a lobby, look at the lobby leaderboard and then talk shit about how your K/D is garbage. If they eliminated K/D stats in this game, I think people would be more open to playing the objective as opposed to maintaining their precious K/D ratio. Then again, most people have become so accustomed to camping for their K/D that it's the only way the know how to play.

I play the objective as much as possible in every game mode I play in. In SnD, I try to plant the bomb. In Dom, I try to take/defend flags. In KC, I pick up tags. In TDM, I try to get kills. How you play to accomplish each of those objectives is up to you really. But what I see SOOOO much these days, especially in Ghosts, is people camping, not playing the objective and going 20-5 but losing the match. I've seen people with high K/D's over 3+ but truly pathetic W/L ratios and other people with 0.80 K/Ds with pretty high W/L ratios. If people wanna camp, let 'em. I'd say about 90% of them never go positive and only a few people know how to do it effectively. Most people assume that setting up shop in a corner on the map is the way to play and it may work for a time but, eventually, you're going to die which will deep six your K/D. This whole camping vs run-n-gun debate is a complete waste IMO.

I play for the win. It's just a game afterall. If you think your K/D is somehow going to impress employers/friends then you lead a pretty sad/pathetic life IMO.

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totally agree on the kd motivation. it needs to be removed. its not legit stat anyway.

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