How many play styles are there?

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I understand where your coming from weapon but in OBJ gamemodes my squad usually have some short of strategy/playstyle to make sure we get the win at the end of the match so we def have to switch up our STRATEGY if you don't like the word playstyle. And this many can argue the fact that all ganemode has an objective I.e. TD get 7500 points is an objective or get the kills needed to win. But OBJ gamemodes I'm referring to are the ones you have to cap defend or plant modes and those you def need some sort of strategy to win against squads of quality players. Hope this are intersting points/facts. Have a good day!

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This is a joke, right?

I personally play a patrol/ run and gun style of play but who are you (or anyone else) to downplay and discredit someone else's play style? If the game was only meant to be played a certain way as you say, then the other ways people play would be impossible to do.

There is a reason games like Capture the Flag, Domination, and Search & Destroy have "defense" type strategies for their game modes.

And yes, people have do a right to play however they choose because they paid for the game. Just because someone else's style is counter-intuitive to how you like to play doesn't make it any less viable. If you don't like how others play a multi-player online game, then stick to single player where only one play style matters - yours.

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Too many to list.

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I'm almost nearly certain that in hard-core when you die you get a split second glimpse of your killers direction

I play hc alot and often glimpse a diff direction to were am facing

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My playstyle: Using the whole map, moving all the time, but not running around headlessly. It's not patrolling and it's not rushing. It certainly isn't camping.

It's a playstyle that I have developed through experience, learning the spawns, learning the spots people like to go to, using cover, using unpredictable routes, knowing who to engage, when to engage and picking the right gun-fights. It's a playstyle that uses my brain/thought as opposed to twitch reflexes. I cannot rely on my reflexes (they're not bad) or connection - so I try to take them out of the equation by placing myself in the best position for any gun-fight I enter into. It's also a playstyle that is adaptive - if I need to back-pack n00bs I can play defensively, if I'm playing good players these qualities will serve me well, and if I'm playing n00bs I will be at considerable advantage when playing aggressively.

I don't have a name for it, Its simply experience - and it serves me well - I have a 3.6+ KD, a 2.0+ W/L, numerous KEM's, for example a TDM kill average of 19+ IIRC. So it's effective and I'm a 100% solo player who has never backed out of a lobby and I mention that, because I am proud that I stick around regardless of who I might be playing with or against. If I went negative by 9000, I would still have a comfortable 3.0KD, so having an evening of bad games in a strong lobby does not bother me - I enjoy playing the strong players, like I do sticking it 50-6 against noobs in a 6v6 TDM - which is why I will hang around in any lobby.

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Currently, may "play style" is:  Spawn, get killed.  Spawn, get killed.  Spawn, get killed.  Ad nauseam.

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Sounds like your a camper !

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spawn trappers/killers

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I like to control particular areas on the map. I've learned that many players have "comfort zones/areas" on maps. Areas where they feel most comfortable executing whatever play style they choose to use. My goal is to take them out of there comfort zone/area. Patrol to and area, control the area, and move on to the next comfort zone/area.

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