How many play styles are there?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I think a better way to handle K/D is to keep it private to the player only. It's a good stat to let the player know if they are doing better or worse but it shouldn't be there to brag about.

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two styles

camping and moving

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Perhaps W/L ratio can be the new K/D ratio? K/D is an unbalanced stat to begin with anyways but how good you are at winning should be more important. I'm sure people will dashboard to maintain their 500+ game winning streaks but at least I won't have to hear some squeaker or no life teenager brag about how their K/D is better than mine. Mute all is probably the best feature in COD.
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So this is what I’ve learned from this thread. The term playstyle is wrongly applied here.  What these actually are are tactics that can be combined to be used when appropriate. On top of that there are individual tactics and team tactics.  Here’s the list so:

(feel free to give better definitions or list tactics that aren’t here)

Individual tactics

Camping: You're who everyone loves to hate. Staying in a spot with a view of heavily trafficked areas to pick off kills

Corner Camping/ Sound Wh**ing: A variation of camping where you find a corner of a random room and listen for footsteps to alert you which direction to spray with bullets

Drop Shot: Dropping to the floor in a gunfight

Jump shot: Jumping in the air while you get your shot off

Patrolling: Sticking to one area of the map and wait for your victims to come to you

Rushing/Run N' Gun: No one on the map is safe.  Like a ghost story gone wrong you visit all the best camping areas leaving death in your wake.

Tubing: Usually used with Patrolling or Rushing, but with explosives.  Close only counts with horseshoes, grenades, C4, launchers... etc

Sniping: Setup....wait...shoot...wait....shoot....wait....shoot....wait....move....repeat (Thanks @Im_Old_School)

Strafing: Moving side to side in a gunfight

Quick Scoping: Another hated tactic.  With a sniper rifle and the aid of aim assist, pulling off a shot/kill before the animation to aim can be completed.  (Thanks olliwood04

Team Tactics

Swarming/WolfPack: You play with a team and go area to area clearing out the enemy.  (Thanks @TheBestlyDude & @KurtK24)

Spawn trappers/killers: When a team covers the enemy’s spawn points and kill as people are spawning. (Thanks @Kothar44)

Boosters/boosting: This is an illegal tactic and doesn’t get a definition (if you use this you will get reported)

Martyr/ Bait: When a teammate willingly or unwillingly sacrifices their life to find out where the enemy is camping (Thanks @milo-iq)

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