How many play styles are there?

Ghosts PlayStation 3

there is one style: the one that wins.

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The 'my way or the highway' playstyle. This is everybodies playstyle, based on what I read here. It basically encompasses all the possible playstyles. People seem to hold the belief that their playstyle is the one and only 'correct' playstyle.

I'm not excluded from the above. I am an adaptor. I will run 'n' gun, I will patrol, I will snipe, and I will camp. Occasionally I do all of these in one match. It all depends on the variables: my mood, my form, my team mates, the enemy, my connection, and any personal goal I may have given myself for the match. Oh, I. almost forgot, very occasionally I will just be a complete arse in a match, ignore the objective, not help my team, frustrate the enemy and generally just not give a damn.

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Yeah, I'm starting to believe that most "playstyles" are just tactics.  You should build your ultimate strategy based on what tactics you need to win or just have fun.

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There's also martyr ! When with my clan or friends I just run n gun trying to find campers, I'm not a headless chicken and use cover but beat the grass so to speak let them give away there position so ME mates can take em. Not a good tactic for havin a good KD but who cares it's fun especially when you get 4 kills on the trot never managed 5 but then I spam too much

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I too have been used as the "bait" to ferret out a camper or sniper.  It's not a bad gig if you know that's what your role in that particular match happens to be.  And since there aren't any Tombstones in Ghost I don't have to worry about my K/D or W/L being carved into my epitaph!

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Would be nice to still have martyrdom for it
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there is.. Riley hates QS

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Riley loves beef jerky and it seems my soldier is always carrying it. That dog always goes for the jerky in my soldiers pocket. I wish my soldier was a vegan so Riley would leave him alone.

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lol I use this tactic alot lol I call it roguing Going rogue!

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Running - shooting

Creeping - shooting

Standing - shooting

Crouching - shooting

Prone - shooting

Add in various whizz/bang noises and announcements of 'ENEMY (INSERT HERE) INCOMING and that's it in a nutshell.

Hope that helps

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