How to make Cod Ghost Better (In my opinion)

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Im am tired of people in the game,at my school, and on facebook saying that cod ghost sucks and i think i know why. Its pretty much the community that ruin this game for people and i think that not good for this game. Several people say that this game is Bull and it the worst cod ever, but im going to tell Infinity Ward, you guys whats wrong with this game.

I'm going to list things that are wrong with this game.

1.There's to much campers in this game mostly because we have less health

2.Snipers are to OP, i cant move around with a guy quick scoping me with out giving me a chance to fight back

3. Spawns are horrible

4.Drop shot is too OP and the reason is the animation drops so fast that i cant hit him

5. IEDs are still annoy me alot

These are the things that annoy me in Cod Ghost,but i thought of some ways to fix these problem

1. Make it so if u camp that u will lose every thing that u unlock in the games they camped in. Now you might be thinking that's a stupid idea and how are Infinity ward  going to find campers to take away things they unlocked from camping. Well hire some people from to play the game and fined campers.(Camping is not playing defensive its when u stay in a corner/building with IEDs or motion sensers and kill people with out moving place to place)

2.Nerf some snipers so nerf quickdraws effect on snipers and nerf the fire rate. If your a fan of quick scoping then Infinity Ward should make a gamemode where u get a quick scoping class made by them and quick scope the heck u want.

3.Nerf the IEDs so make them deal less damage or just make it so you have to touch it for it to activate.

4. Nerf Dropshot now im not say to take it out but make it slower to drop down and shot the person.

5.Just fix Spawns.

This is what i want to happen in Cod Ghost but I cant read minds so what do u guys think of these ideas.

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Might be some type errors so sorry if u dont know what im talking about

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That's not the only error. All your ideas are to give run n gunners an advantage. No camping nerf snipers nerf ieds all the hazards you miss running around at 100mph. I reckon if you run in a straight line for more than 3seconds you explode like on crank because on second 4 you'll be taken out by a camping sniping ied. Or maybe I'm in error ?

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i dont like that idea mostly because thats going to be really bad for the game

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Not for a camper watching all the run around s exploding in fact that's adding fun to the game !

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I agree with the spawning, quickscoping and drop shots, but there is an easy fix for IED's its called SITREP

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Look. The health is the same as it's always been.

The weapon damage is the same as it's always been.

4 shots to kill in BO2.

4 shots to kill in Ghosts.

The only difference is the lag.

BO2 was a pile of laggy mess.

Get your facts straight.

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Here's your post in one line.

Nerf everything that kills me and people will like cod.

Health is 100.

Like it has always has been.

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1. Health is the same as it's always been. As for campers let them camp? Who cares if a guy is sitting in an obscure corner just avoid him. Or if he is sitting in a window then pull out a Sniper or Marksman rifle and pick him off.

2. They have already nerfed/changed snipers an extreme amount, how much more do you want? Just don't run out in the open/take flank routes.

3. Spawns aren't the best but they aren't the worst I've ever seen. I used to think they were awful too until I took the time to understand and re-learn how they changed the spawn system from previous CoDs for Ghosts and I can see why they did it. The real issue I think is that the maps don't have enough dedicated spawn areas.

4. If you think drop-shotting is OP you are a scrub. No seriously; drop shotting has been around since forever in FPS and is a viable tactic to outplay an opponent. They were smart to bring it back to increase skill-based gameplay. You just need to either learn to react quick enough to start aiming down (this puts you in a prime position to hit their falling head and kill them) or learn to not put yourself in situations where you can get drop-shotted so easily (don't run around corners).

5. IED's are pretty damn strong in this game but as previously mentioned if you don't like them use Blast Shield/SitRep. Also they already changed them so you can survive by going prone or jumping depending on their placement. 

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Where I do I begin with this thread...

Tony10295 wrote:

1.There's to much campers in this game mostly because we have less health

2.Snipers are to OP, i cant move around with a guy quick scoping me with out giving me a chance to fight back

The health is the same as any other Call of Duty, 100pts. The health seems like it's less because you're not fighting lag.

What they Hell man. It's a sniper, it's suppose to kill you quickly and not give you a chance to fight back. That's the point of a sniper. QSing isn't that bad, I rarely see it after the nerf the snipers already received.

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