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Tony10295 wrote:

Im am tired of people in the game,at my school, and on facebook saying that cod ghost sucks and i think i know why. Its pretty much the community that ruin this game for people and i think that not good for this game. Several people say that this game is Bull and it the worst cod ever, but im going to tell Infinity Ward, you guys whats wrong with this game.

I'm going to list things that are wrong with this game.

1.There's to much campers in this game mostly because we have less health

2.Snipers are to OP, i cant move around with a guy quick scoping me with out giving me a chance to fight back

3. Spawns are horrible

4.Drop shot is too OP and the reason is the animation drops so fast that i cant hit him

5. IEDs are still annoy me alot

These are the things that annoy me in Cod Ghost,but i thought of some ways to fix these problem

1. Make it so if u camp that u will lose every thing that u unlock in the games they camped in. Now you might be thinking that's a stupid idea and how are Infinity ward  going to find campers to take away things they unlocked from camping. Well hire some people from to play the game and fined campers.(Camping is not playing defensive its when u stay in a corner/building with IEDs or motion sensers and kill people with out moving place to place)

2.Nerf some snipers so nerf quickdraws effect on snipers and nerf the fire rate. If your a fan of quick scoping then Infinity Ward should make a gamemode where u get a quick scoping class made by them and quick scope the heck u want.

3.Nerf the IEDs so make them deal less damage or just make it so you have to touch it for it to activate.

4. Nerf Dropshot now im not say to take it out but make it slower to drop down and shot the person.

5.Just fix Spawns.

This is what i want to happen in Cod Ghost but I cant read minds so what do u guys think of these ideas.

1A.) Camping has and will always be around in FPS games. There is no changing that. There really is no more camping here than there has been even in games like BO2. Every game, people try to say there's "more camping" and/or "less health". There isn't.

And, as mentioned, there is just as much health as there has been in previous games as well. You were probably constantly on the winning end of lag and hit detection in previous games, which gives the illusion of "more health". However, the lag in Ghosts is much less (for most) than previous games and hit detection is much better, so people are actually dying when they should. If you applied what Ghosts had to MW3 and BO2, you'd be dying just as quickly.

2A.) Another "snipers are OP" complaint? Have you played the previous CoDs? Snipers have only been getting downgraded for the last few games because of people constantly complaining. As mentioned, the whole point of snipers is to have a very long reach while giving their targets as small a chance as possible to fight back. You should be glad that CoD is how it is and not like real life, where you would be able to be taken out from a mile or more away by good snipers. How's that for not being able to fight back?

3A.) Just need more dedicated spawn points, but otherwise, it just takes more getting used to.

4A.) As mentioned, to say dropshotting is "OP" sounds like an excuse for your own inability to change where you aim. Dropshotting has been in CoD for years and is nothing new. Just aim lower and stop trying to go for the head all the time, especially when you're running and gunning.

5A.) Annoying does mean they require (more) nerfing along with anything else. Even still, you got Sitrep and/or Blast Shield and can more easily avoid death thanks to the nerf.

1B.) Yes, it is a stupid idea. And if you're going to have consequences for campers, then they'd have to keep it balanced and have equal consequences for rushers too. How about as soon as they stop sprinting, they trip and break their leg, cutting their health in half, and are forced to crawl around for twice the time they spent sprinting with nothing but a pistol to fight with? Sounds stupid, doesn't it?

2B.) QSing has been made more difficult with each passing game since MW2. If you're seriously getting beaten SO badly by QSers, the problem is you, not them, as QSers rarely go that positive in matches.

3B.) As said, they were already nerfed. Use Sitrep and/or Blast Shield if you're so scared of them still.

4B.) No. Learn to lower your aim a bit in anticipation for the dropshot since you apparently encounter it SO much to call it "OP".

5B.) Dedicated spawns is all.

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I stopped reading right after the part where the OP wants IW to hire on some "Camper Police" to run around the games and ferret out the campers.  Don't they know the "Campers" would just shoot them too?

Your first sentence in your (1B) response pretty much says it all.

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I know a lot of people don't like Ghosts. The game is not for everyone and the devs could tweak a few things here and there that would make the game more appealing to a wider audience. I'm really surprised to see GHOSTS having less players than BO2. Right now there are 199,065 people playing BO2 on the PS3 while there are only 167,281 people playing Ghosts.

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Probably because many people are under the flawed mindset that there's only one "correct" way to play; rushing, and BO2 shoves that playstyle down the throat and then some. People are just way too used to the adrenaline rush of running around and simply trying to react with split second decisions rather than plan ahead a bit. That or they prefer being handed powerful streaks through the Scorestreak System.

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Before you think BO2 has more players keep in mind that ghosts is spread across two more console platforms. You should always double the number of people you see online playing ghosts in your head.

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