Incredible undying soldiers

Ghosts PlayStation 3

Noticing a lot of these around today.

Emptied a clip and a half of armour piercing into one chap and he just turned around and shot me.

What is this all about?

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You need to practice shooting LOL or avoid God mode hack or could just be lag

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Lag. Happens to me a lot as well. Really nice when I shoot them twice, point blank, with a Bulldog and they come and knife me. Anytime I get into a lobby with foreign players with PR/FR/DR/MX in their names, I just back out cuz I know they'll have host and it'll be some SERIOUS lag in that game.

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Whenever this happens I think of the scene in Pulp Fiction where the guy comes out of the bathroom and empties a clip and completely miss Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta.  You just got Pulp Fictioned my friend....

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