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I can't seem to figure this game out.  I just picked it up a week ago and am already at my breaking point.  I have the fastest internet I have ever had for a COD game at 50MB/sec and am now for the first time getting insta-killed.  I thought I had experienced this in the past, but I was WRONG!

Today I tried going out into the open while aiming to shoot 7 players who hadn't seen me yet and didn't even get a shot off.  I can't figure out how I can die before I can click the R1 button.  Not only that but I seem to die every time with 4 or less shots.  In the past, the host was the only person I had to worry about doing this to me.  Is there a way to get into lobbies with a higher ping rate or am I stuck with these crappy lobbies?  Otherwise I might have to become a guy who can only play infected....-.-

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Re: Insta-Deaths

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Ghosts has a very fast "time to kill", I think it only takes like 3 Assault Rifle bullets to kill.... Idk exactly but i'm pretty sure it's somewhere around 3.

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Re: Insta-Deaths

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I'd better bring my AR into the gun Smith. Takes me 10-15 on averageSmiley Sad

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Re: Insta-Deaths

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With so few players online, the lobbys are often 'lag' filled, becaue you are matched with people all over the place, I am often matched with Hispanics, which I assume are in Mexico or South America, or Puerto Rico,
and with the fast TTK, it is a death sentence.

You are behind the other team in time, which happens to me all the time, I know someone is coming around a corner, have gun up aiming ready to fire, and cannot even push the fire button before I am dead..

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Re: Insta-Deaths

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Yeah, that's what happens when a player has the advantage of seeing you on his screen a split second before he appears on your screen. Dedicated, schmedicated. While nowhere even close to as bad as BO2, the dirty little secret is that this crap is here to stay. There's just way too many variables in the magic world of connection quality to expect it to be perfectly balanced.

It's pretty obvious from the multitude of related threads/posts that many with premium service have that magic connection formula that simply doesn't agree with the game as it attempts to balance it DOWN to that of the more common less than premium service. IMO this results in the game inadvertently "overcooking" the balance to the point of putting that player a fraction behind the majority of other players.

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