Is S&R really an objective game?

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Domination and Blitz are easily objective games, but KC isn't.  If I had to say where S&R belongs, I would say it's closer to KC than the other objective games.  I'd rather see them bring in Demolition, Hardpoint or CTF.  S&R is too much like S&D mixed with KC (both of which aren't objective games).  That said, I want you guys to prove me wrong.  Why is S&R in the objective playlist?

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An objective is a goal or something sought after.  The objectives in Search are the bomb sites.  Similar to how the flags are the objectives in Domination. You can also win by killing everyone on the other team and I see a lot of people that play Search as though it's TDM with no re-spawn however that's not the best strategy because planting the bomb is usually a much better route to victory.  You can win a round of Search without even killing one player on the enemy team. There are multiple strategies that can be used.  What is it about Search that makes you think it isn't an objective game?

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SnD is not objective mode?


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