Lack of Gamemodes?

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Right to introduece myself, my name is UncleBob247, I have been a fan of call of duty since it began, when cod 4 came out my multiplayer experience started and I loved it, then do you remember the start of a new game mode, HEADQUARTERS well that was a brilliant game mode and was kept with all call of duties passed cod 4 but Ghosts is missing it, why is that ? Search and Destroy, why leave this out ? Demolition which started on MW2, where has that gone ? what about ground war, this gone too ? what about all the other hardcore game modes ? still only 3 WoW, leveling up system, why you gone back to 10 prestiges ? why only level 60 being highest ? and now to start with campaign. . . well I was truely really enjoying the campaign alot until the ending ? why have such a short campaign with a battle that was not worth it at the end ? why did you make this spin off from mw2 ghost ? why now ? why not before MW3 ?

To finish this I really hope you can fix these small issues so then we can look foward to the future of this well I would say game but you guys see it as another PRODUCT going OLD

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I don't think anyone on these boards will have an answer for you for all your questions, however, your best chance of getting any of those answered is to go on Twitter or Facebook and find the different designers for the game and ask them directly. If they feel like giving you an answer, they may do so. Also, before asking them, go through their timeline and see if it had already been answered as most people don't like answering the same question multiple times.

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What I can only presume was the reason: Player base is now less segregated into the many modes that existed.

From BO2 experience, there were many game modes, many. What I believe they might have done is gone the more simplistic route, less options better connection less distractions.

Simple gaming is usually the best.

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