Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

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Re: Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

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had 3 in 1 game last nite

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Re: Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

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Do you understand what Quick scoping is? You can and should be able to shoot any gun from the hip and kill someone, if you are good enough to hip fire and hit them. Quick scoping simple used the auto aim feature of Core to assist a player who would quickly bring the scope up just to the point of the sweat spot where the auto aim disengaged. It was an exploit of the game which was allowed by developers for years because little kids got off on it. I don't play core much so I rarely see it. I hope it is gone.

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Re: Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

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these maps are well designed works of art for battlefield but they are GENERALLY way too big with a little too much random space/clutter/rooftops/climb spots/ledges/windows e.t.c for the fast paced experience i was expecting in a CALL OF DUTY game. i run around for 3+ minutes constantly until some1 spawns right behind me for a free kill or picks me off from a overpowered climb spot that shouldnt even be in the game. this game really needs ground war and some FREE recylcled small to medium maps like dome, hardhat, arkaden, mission thrown into a playlist with some fast paced gamemodes like cranked, tdm, kill confirmed domination and blitz thrown in a ''fast paced'' moshpit playlist. Giving us a majority of the type of maps we as a majority DIDN'T VOTE FOR in past games was a very dumb move. nobody wants a cod game filled with maps that remind us of community hated ones like aftermath, drone, downturn e.t.c. i really cant believe that the great guys at infinity ward let these maps make it out of the studio so unnecessarily big and cluttered.

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Re: Lag,Spawn, Quick scoping, maps!!!

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Sorry, but I'm with the OP with regards to lag.

before you all start bleating that it must be my connection..... You're wrong! I'm running at 120mb down, 35mb up with a Ping from Yorkshire to Paris under 25ms.

i Bought the game at midnight release & had a couple of hours, it was silky smooth. Tuesday evening I had a couple of minor jumps. Wednesday same. Today.... Unplayable, MW3 style dire lag.

I've just seen myself stutter & jump all over, I was halfway down a corridor on octane, before being jumped back to outside the building trying to run into a wall.

BO2 was bad for wanted bullets & hit detection on core, but this is appalling. Mw3 did this terrible jumping.

I'm hoping this is a one off

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