Lag in onslaught playlist

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Hi all,

The onslaught playlist is unplayable for me (on PS3). By lag i mean i can't get a kill unless I shoot someone from behind. Unlike the other playlists, on onslaught I am getting so many hitmarkers on the enemies and as a result a 10 point assist. They are sponging my bullets. i am on 30 down and 2 up. DMZ, no firewall, London, connected directly to router via Ethernet. I know the matchmaking pool has been fragmented - maybe that's the reason ? Less people available to matchmake?

I've paid for the season pass but I can't play onslaught at the moment.

@Candyslexia please can you help out / any advice, will this improve over time?

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I've been having the same problem, and the spawns need to be worked on also.

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I'm having the same problem. The onslaught playlist is very laggy and it SUCKS that you can't play the maps in the regular playlists.  Who's idea was that?  It's a terrible decision.  Who wants to play the same 4 maps all day long?

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Yeah. My friends and I play on a varying quality of connections and everybody is lagging.

The new maps are always in their own playlist for the first month or ao.

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Yeah this is exactly what i was thinking.

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Been very laggy for us also but after midnight last night it got a lot better.  Seeing a lot of host migration when we didn't see any  on the original maps.

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Just to add this. There is one way to get around this lag problem and that is to play hardcore. My lag problems disappear when I am on hardcore.

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but when you play hardcore all the time you will realise that it still laggy

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I haven't bought the dlc but since its release have experienced major lag. and I've been talking to people in game who are experiencing the same as me without the dlc

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The lag in the new maps is so bad it makes it unplayable for me.  A full clip into the back of a player with the maverick and he does not die.

I'm guessing very few people have bought the maps and we get stuck playing with people that are further away from us hence the lag. I'm in Canada and find myself playing against people that I can't even guess what language they are speaking.

I bought the hardened edition so got the map packs with it, something I will never do again. This is the worst COD I have ever experienced and likely my last. Don't even get me started on the hackers. Take a look at the players online, numbers are down badly.

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