Ghosts PlayStation 3

Last update

What ever you did with the last update made the game so I can't hardly play that well I run a 50mbps download and a 5mbps upload and there is so much lag for me now people are killing me before I see them come around the corner witch is bull crap this game just plainly SUCK'S now for me to play !!!! All the hacker's on this game is off the wall I report people that are 10th prestige in 4 day's to months ago and they are still playing today your not doing a thing about this cuz you don't care just as long as you get your money !!!! this is the last cod game that I will ever buy !!! As far as it go's you can have the game back and give me my money back for it cuz it just SUCK'S to all high h@ll !!!!

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