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Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on positives, since there are a lot of negative things said on here, I would like to point out some good here. THANK YOU to all of the serious players who are just looking for a fun experience. No trash-talk, no complaining when they lose or bragging and calling the other team sucky when they win. REAL players, who play the game because that is what they do and they just wanna have fun and maybe make a few friends playing the game the way it was intended. Unfortunately, it seems to be in the nature of people to change things to suit their own ends instead of finding their own way of enjoying what's there to use. Those of you who don't cheat or abuse the game are not only showing respect to the other players, but to the makers of the game themselves. It ain't the '50s anymore, but I sure as hell think respect is important. You don't draw a penis on a Leonardo DaVinci, and you don't do the equivalent to a game that took many painstaking hours to put forth. Thank you all to the honest gamers, the ones who just wanna enjoy themselves. YOU GUYS are the reason that the game can be played at it's funnest level. There have been too many hacks lately, so I thought it important to point out the decent players still out there. And kudos to those of you who are getting killed by a hacker and still just hang in there and finish the fight! I don't cheat, I don't play like a baby, so send me a friend request. I would love more people like that on my friends list.


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IIf they put any time into development there would be no hacks. These developers are amateurs, my 3 year old writes better code.

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I agree. I like IW, but I can't believe how fast the hacks have started happening and how much more extreme they are now. I have never seen invisibility or flying in CoD b4. And, If they are selling hacks for more profit...well let's just say I would get banned for saying exactly how I feel about that...*sigh*

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This just shows how far down hill CoD online gaming has gone if you have to write a post to thank the honest players.

You need some trash talk or banter as most people call it because it simply adds to the game play and happens in everyday life in everything that you do, because you banter someone or trash talk them doesn't mean you are disrespectful to them. (people need to man up)

I remember way back in the good old MW2 days when I could get into a lobby of Americans (I live in England) and we had some awesome banter and the game flowed and ran very well. Now though if I enter a lobby with players from the same country as me it still lags. Honestly my 85 yr old granny on a zimmer frame runs smoother than CoD does these days.

Banter is a mind game that can help your team win.

Example: I was playing MW2 and noob tubed 2 American dudes and started bantering them and laughing and from that point on both of them were gunning for me all game which in turn disrupted their game plan and because they were so intent on killing me they got killed about 20 times each by my team mates because they were concentrating on me and not my other team members. It was nothing offensive, racist, or anything like that. It was just intended to make them bite and lose their heads a little. This would work a lot easier in any Call of Duty game these days as 10 year olds are easy to wind up and not so many adults play it.

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Excellent post my man, I love the game, however I'm not staying in a game with hackers in it. It is douchbag people that ruin the game not the creators, they will always find a way to cheat. That being said, it is only one game in 10 I see sum so not a big issue. I sold my PS3 to get PS4 next Friday so I will add you then bro, u getting PS4?

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Way too broke for a PS4 bro, but I LOOOOVE my sony stuff, so as soon as I can get a PS4 I will. Just keep me in mind when I do. Thanks, appreciate the positive comment. And as for P34nut, I don't mind light banter. I have been in lobbies where teams banter back and forth,but everyone is laughing and having a good time. The next thing you know, friend requests are being thrown around and such, but you CAN'T banter anymore. It always turns into people using the "N" word or calling each other faggots and stuff. I can man up, especially when someone is trash talking for no reason or hacking or screaming into the mic calling me a fag because I am owning them. And, I dunno how this are in England, but here in the states, trashtalking is disrespectful. I just wanted to thank those of us who play simply for the visceral gaming experience, I wanted this to be a positive thing. You do not HAVE to trash talk and banter. sometimes if I get killed, I am so amped I'll say "awww, you fucker", but then when the match is over I will apologize for that. It was the heat of the moment. Being NICE is not a show of not "manning up" SOMETIMES, SWALLOWING YOUR PRIDE AND ACTING LIKE AN ADULT IS THE BIGGEST EXAMPLE OF "MANNING UP."

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yeah, what he said... It's nice to play with good hearted people. It's sad to hear all the hate that spews from online MP lobbies. But there's nothing more refreshing than hearing someone complement someone after just getting their ass kicked. I shows respect on so many levels. As far as the hacking goes, I think Activision uses the hackers as part of their business model. I mean if you think back, the hackers always infest a CoD title right when a new CoD title is set to be revealed, every single time. They utilize them to push the legitimate players off the old games and servers.  From a business perspective it makes sense, why combat something when you can use it to increase you overall profit margin, right!?

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Soooo many times I have owned in a game winning kill cam and will say "damn dude, nice shot" or something like that. Credit where credit's due...

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I think one aspect of the issue is that a game who is designed for adults is being played by children.

Not to say that all adults are mature, but at least in average less abusive in my experience.

In the majority of the lobbies I end up in the entire opponent team summed up racks up barely more years than I do alone.

And as above was pointed out, respect is apparently a very scarce commodity for younger generations. Respect for the other person and/or respect for achievements, abilities, etc.

It is a long and tideous process to educate for social competence and develop a sense for respect. Unfortunately an average COD game lasts 10 minutes or less.....

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