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Yeah, I can't believe how many kids r on there. The way they talk is awful. THEN, you hear them argue with their mom or something and the way they talk to their mom's are just terrible. My kids know better. Their mom does so much for them, they better never talk to her like that. If my son grows up like one of these CoD 14 year olds, I will have to do what my dad did for me: Knock him on his ass, man to man. Like I said, my dad did this FOR me, not TO me. I needed to learn and I did, and it made me a better man. Don't get me wrong I love my boy and my girl and I nurture them. I'm not one of those strict military parents, but there are bacttles I just can't pick. If it involves disrespect, the perpetrator picked the battle for me. I can't tell you how many times I have jumped on a mic when my wife was on CoD because her name is obviously pointing out that she is female and guys r sooooo disrespectful to women on there. They say things like "hey, you want the d?" Then she gets friend requests and the 1st question is "how old r u?" If u see that, you know they are just hoping she is over 18 so they can start acting nasty. I'm only 25 and I have a better idea of how to treat these ladies. Sadly, women come to expect that behavior. It should not be that way. RESPECT! RESPECT! RESPECT!

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