Load outs and other things

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Load outs and other things

Bored...lol...so I thought I'd share a few of my loadouts...most are pretty standard stuff...share what you use as well. Nothing wrong with idea sharing...state what game mode you use what in.

I usually just run 4 classes.

Class 1

Long range maps..TDM on bigger maps...Blitz if defending...

Weapon: M27 Tracker and Foregrip

Perks: Agility,Focus, Dead Silence, Quickdraw, Hardline if running Assault...Gambler and IED if Support

Killstreaks: Trin, Hind, Helo Pilot..depending on map will switch to Dog, Sentry, Hind

Supportstreaks(OBJ based games like Blitz and Dom) Ballistic Vests,MAWS, Squadmate (BOB).

Class 2

Blitz, Dom if playing our aggro role, or if I'm just feeling froggy

Weapon: Mtar Muzzle Brake Foregrip

Perks: Marathon, Sleight of Hand, Ready Up, Dead Silence, Focus, and (Blast Shield for Dom and Blitz) Gambler and Semtex for other game modes

Typically I run Support on this class. Vest Maws BOB ...my job is to stay up and be the biggest pain in the ass I can be.

Class 3

Hacker & Camper love class (best when whole clan runs)

For giggles and love to all the hackers

Weapon: whatever assault rifle you want to run with a tube and muzzle brake

Secondary Kasat

Perks: Danger Close (duh) Focus Sleight of Hand and Ready up.

Nothing feels better than catching a little camping hacker and seeing 5 or 6 explosives headed toward their location.

Go to Assault Rifle..Remington

LMG: M27


Shotgun: Ugh...Bulldog

Sub: Mtar with the Vector a close 2nd

Pistol: p226 MB by a large margin

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