MAP PACK IDEA : CONCEPT MAPS - Little Green Soldiers - 3020 Space Station - Mars Jump Site - Nuclear End -

Ghosts PlayStation 3

MAP PACK IDEA : CONCEPT MAPS - Little Green Sold...

I wish Call of Duty went way out there and did something really different!  Here are four maps that would be really crazy to see!?


We are in fact the little green berets that we've see in children's rooms for ages!  It is the year 3020 and America has, in an effort to achieve light speed, accidentally uncovered wormholes while traveling at hypervelocity.  A space jump has not only warped our spacecraft into the future, but completely altered reality as we know it!?  We battle in a child"s bedroom as the iconic little green soldiers, battling around computers and toys while the child sleeps...


After the world discovers wormholes, a fiendish war breaks out over the technology.  Spacestations nearly liter the atmosphere.  We are launched into battle aboard the station that is developing the hyperdrive technology.  We are given station suits that allow us to run outside of the station.  As we run on the ship we can, in fact, run completely around the ship, making this map a crazy idea!?


After testing the technology in both Earth and Mars atmospheres, Russia has defeated America in the race in finding stability at hypervelocity while nearing existing wormholes!  All scientists are Russian Special Military and are forced to defend against an American attack.  Mars proves to be the ultimate battleground...


War erupts on Earth.  The first is on the doorstep of the American west coast.  We are on a hillside in California, nestled into a gated community, when we witness a nuclear detonation out in the ocean!  There is no escape.  As the sky reddens and clothes begin to singe, we battle through an initial dust storm only to find that our coms our down and without minimap!?  The nuclear blast also affects our health and weakens our bodies, and we die with ease.  We are in Hardcore gameplay, as the world ends around us...

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