Ghosts PlayStation 3

Sooooo i had been playing and playing hoping to finally get my horror movie on in the suit...ran around not finding anyone and then...BAM one shot from way across the map and i'm dead...shouldn't it be a little harder to die being michael freaking myers...geez

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I have never seen Halloweeen where Michael Myers ran around in the open. Maybe that's why he lived longer...

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I think it's kind of silly that they even made him a killstreak. But what do I know

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The entire game series is based off of movies lol. Michael Myers was a popular private match game, I think it was awesome they did that.

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It takes 25 shots to kill a Jug/myers.

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You probably jumped a few times from a good height. there is no way you're going to get OHK'd. Michael Myers isn't immune from getting his health damaged from heights. He doesn't have Resilience.

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Good to know

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My problem was that it took about 3 field orders completed to get The Michael myers jug maniac.

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Luck of the draw I think.

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i got mine first time first game it was incredible!! the music changed and everyone i killed was laughing saying s#!t he got me

i personally love it!!!

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