Missing some game modes. Poor killstreak selection.

Ghosts PlayStation 3


I feel that CoD Ghosts really is a solid feeling, smooth game. So far, moving around the maps and guns are a solid improvement from previous CoD games. However, I feel the new CoD Ghosts has several issues. The size of the maps, the lack of gamemodes, and small selection of killstreaks I find very frustrating.

     First of all, the maps. I like the complicated, numerous route maps to help reduce the camping of highly traveled routes. However, the larger sized maps are just too big for 6 vs 6 games. I find myself hardly finding enemies and the overall game being much slower paced. I don't mind the occasional large map but I would like more small to medium sized maps for more intense game play.

     Next is the game modes. Newly added game modes Cranked and Hunted and the bringing back of infected are a lot of fun but require little strategy. Personally, I prefer game modes that require tactics and coordination of teammates to be successful. Ghosts has seen a serious reduction in these types of game modes. Examples of these lost strategy based game modes are: demolition, CTF, sabotage, and hardpoint. Another lost game mode that can be quite enjoyable was groundwar. Groundwar provided the opportunity to break out of the usual 6 vs 6 routine. CoD Ghosts, for the most part, only has individual, fast-paced, run and gun, 6 vs 6 game modes that can get repetitive,

     The final compliant of issue I have with Ghosts is the lack of killstreaks. I like seeing the return of support and specialists killstreaks for the added variety that it brings. However, the most common category of killstreaks is the assault category. In the assault players are limited to selecting up to three of I believe 11 or 12 killstreaks. This is a reduction of about three from the 15 available on MW3 the last Infinity Ward game. 2 of these streaks are juggernauts which can also get annoying with over use. Nothing aggravates me more so far on Ghosts than being on a streak and running into a maniac juggernaut.

     To conclude, Ghosts feels smooth and plays well but has a few major issues that would myself and others would like fixed.       

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