New to this game need a information.

Ghosts PlayStation 3

Hi, I'm new to this forum/community and also to the game I started playing CoD for about a month.

I saw some videos to learn the best class setups etc etc. I saw a video of Ali-A on youtube that when he uses sentry gun or chooper (and i think the dog to) the kill's he gets from sentry gun or even the chooper it counts for his next killstreak , I usually rackup pretty easy sentry guns but the kills she gets dosent count to my next killstreak (chooper) , i was wondering how did he makes them count?

I play domination all the time his because of that?

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Welcome to the forum and CoD community, and as for the kill count, I know what you mean. I think it's because Ali-A was showing footage from a release event. Maybe they altered it slightly, i dunno. But when I use my dog it does count toward the next streak for me. it could also depend on the streak itself that ur using, but I am not entirely sure. I know I didn't really answer ur question, but I thought my input may help.

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I'm pretty sure that all the assault streaks count towards your killstreaks (minus the KEM). I have seen on one of the loading screens that anything earned in a care package does not count.

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It has to be in the same life, If you die then your sentry gun kills (or any Assault streak kills you have active) will not count towards your streak points.

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