Ghosts PlayStation 3

I am strictly an S&D player as I bought the season pass and have been looking forward to this DLC, another disappointment? or is this going to be fixed? Also, why would you split the community up? just add the maps in the playlist and if players dont have them, they cant play them just like it was in Black ops2... I am so disappointed but maybe i am over reacting? Lets say you? Who else here isn't a respawn scrub?

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Unfortunately, you are right. Judging on how XBOX is having it handled, their playlist is still split. I wouldn't get your hopes up that it will make it to the regular rotation anytime soon.

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Its always been like that. little over a month and they will be in the normal rotation.

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Wow, a month? it can be so simple yet they insist on making it complicated! I just want to play the new maps on S&D mode which there is no option for F-ing ridiculous... and now I have to wait another month while everybody else scrubs it up in respawn...smh

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Yup, thehunan is right. It's been this way for years now. Are you a new player by any chance? Trust me you will prefer that they wait to allow as many people to buy the map pack as possible. If they did it automatically you would end up with relatively few potential games to join.

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Yea, I am a proud newb... Since BL-ops1, but I don't remember it taking a month to go into rotation.

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no ffa either, which is just totally dumb. wish i hadn't bought the thing now. a lot of people like me don't do team stuff we pay good money for maps they don't tell us no ffa, should be against trade descriptions if you ask me.

by the way, i know good chance the maps will enter ffa rotation in future but come on whats the flippin problem... in past they stopped us from playing one or two on release but the whole lot now?

jeez, get your act together people.

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