[PS3] How do I change or add to the default loadout in in Clan vs Clan?

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I've tried everything.  I changed the default loadouts in Private Match.  I created and assigned loadouts as default, but I am still getting only one default loadout to choose from in clan vs clan and it's not anything I have created.  Someone please help.  I'm getting super frustrated.  Thanks.

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I don't think you can change the default loadout, all you can do is your own custom classes, when using 'restricted classes' on clan v clan it will show a yellow exclamation mark at the side of the item, just try to make sure you set a class up without any restricted items and then you should be able to choose that one instead of being given default loadout.

To find out what can and cannot be used use the private match setting with e-sport rule enabled, should give you some idea of the restricted items are then.

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Thats just effin stupid.

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is this kid trolling or is he actually this dumb haha

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