Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

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Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

sorry for asking this if the answers are posted somewhere already, I cant seem to find them.

if anyone is able to answer this, I have a question about game profiles and dlc transfers from ps3-ps4.

I share a ps3 with my sister and split the cost of stuff so when we buy map packs on one account all account on the ps3 get it. I plan on buying a ps4 as soon as I can(after it is released) and will from that point on, be playing on it instead of the ps3. My question is, if I were to split the cost of the season pass with my sister and we use it on my account, after I were to transfer my account to a ps4, will the season pass still work on the ps3 or since I transferred my account to the ps4, will it only work on the ps4? sorry if how I explained it is bad, didn't really know how to word the question.

also, would the same work or not work if I buy map packs separately? as in, if I don't purchase the season pass and instead buy map packs separately would they work on both the ps4 and the ps3 if I were to purchase the map packs on the account the account that I plan to transfer to the ps4.

thanks and hopefully someone can answer this or lead me somewhere where I can find the answer.

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Re: Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

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Yes it will be on both

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Re: Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

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I've also got a question that i cant find the answer to.

I will be getting ghosts on ps3 and buying the digital copy for $10 along with the season pass. 

My question is a buddy of mine will be doing the same thing, however he wont be getting a ps4 at least until the summer (july-august) when they say it has to be activated by mar 31 for the game and may 31 for the season pass....can this be done on the online PSN store (via the website)....or does it have to be directly activated from a ps4?

could he activate online and then just download it whenever he gets a system??

thanks in advance

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Re: Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

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has to be on the PS4

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Re: Question about game transfer ps3-ps4

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if you get your PS4 first he can always log into his account on your PS4 and get the 10 upgrade but not download it then when he gets his PS4 he can just download it to his console but he will have to use his account on your PS4.

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