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Hi all I've never boosted or cheated at all in ghosts but I was reset and banned for a week. can any support people explain to me why this has happened?

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They don't ban without proof.

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And so it begins, the slaughter of all the cheaters and boosters. I will sit back and enjoy

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Please everyone I did not boost of cheat. My banning has to be a mistake. People mess up sometimes and infinity ward has and I know it

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The following is taken from our Support Forum Expectations & Guidelines:

  • Online / In-Game Bans are the product of thorough investigation. As a result, all appeals or attempts to challenge the merit of a ban are considered prohibited.

We understand that you may be frustrated or confused, but we must lock this thread in accordance with our those Guidelines. Please refer to the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct for more information.

Please understand that this is a routine forum procedure.

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