Ghosts PlayStation 3

It really fracking amazes me how the most powerful AR the MSBS can't kill people if they are over 20 feet away.

What the frack is the problem with this crap!? I always have to shoot 3-6 bursts into an enemy to try and kill them and most of the time it doesn't. I hit them with each burst but they don't fracking die. If the MSBS is suppose to be the strongest out of the AR's then buff it so it actually is.

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From what I've heard, If your opponent has better perk than you then they would be able to kill you even if you have the most OP gun's in the game. BS I know... 

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I Drop them with one or two bursts... Don't use a suppressor, use a muzzle brake or fore grip if your having trouble, also red dot. IMO the guns do not need buffing or nerfing, leave the game be!

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