Sniper help for gillie suit

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I thought I had previously posted this, but I guess not because I can't seem to find it....

I am looking to earn the gillie suit and am not typically a sniper.  I am looking for any help with tips on what works best.  What game works Domination, or Deathmatch, etc.  Should I move around? Crouch, etc.

While trying to get longshots for my gold camo I try to pick a spot at the end of the map and focus on certain areas but I also try not to stay there too long.

Any help would be great!!

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Sorry Bro... there's no two ways about it. Get the "Chrome Barrel Master"-operation, and get sniping. It's a freakin' pain, but it's definately an achievement once you've done it.

Happy hunting... and hey.. it's "only" 850 kills with a ridiculous sniper rifle that kicks like a mule

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Dom is good. Find a spot and cover the flags. You will need to move around some or they will run in and kill you after you get them 1-2 times.

It just takes time to get all the kills you need. But if you can get 20+ kills a game it will go fast.

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You will be better to do it on hardcore because there's no hud and on core you will light up like a Christmas tree because you won't really be able to run about much as the chrome barrel kicks like mad enjoy getting 850 kills

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Well, obviously you need the attachment for the Ghillie Suit and as for a second attachment I usually use FMJ.

Perks I use are Incog, Scavenger, and Sleight of Hand. If you're having trouble with getting OHKs I would throw Deadeye into the mix with the Specialist package.

Really though your loadout isn't the most important aspect. There's a lot of different ways to snipe that are successful and sometimes you have to mix it up in game.

I would determine what the best style of sniping is based on the map. Some maps I really like to move and keep myself to the outside roaming and picking off people who get lost on the map. Maps like Whiteout and Stonehaven have too good of vantage points to pass up.

I mostly play TDM but it doesn't offer a lot of kills so your best bet is DOM. Find a flag that has a nice sniping spot nearby and sit on it. It helps your team and you can rack up a lot of kills. DOM is probably the best mode.

If you like to stationary snipe and want your Cobra Suit play HC modes. Use the VKS as it's always a OHK and it comes with a free Silencer. Use Variable Zoom and Extended Mags. No need for the other attachments as they're useless. DOM HC is the best place to snipe if you don't really use your radar much and actually enjoy OHKs.

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