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Spawn trapping

Why do people constantly do always ruins the game for me and my friends?

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I Also agree with you both, some would argue that it takes tactitions to be able to achieve it, some would argue that the spawn trapped clan shouldn't be stupid enough to all stick in the same area causing each other to spawn in one spot in the first place. Either way I don't believe that spawn trapping is playing in a sportsman like manner and certainly don't see how it can be enjoyable for anyone involved on either side the spawn system in this game really does need some attention and maybe then the trapping wouldn't happen

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Re: Spawn trapping

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Some people don't care that it ruins the game for everybody else.

As long as they get there points they don't care.

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As a spawn trapper i can tell you it is almost impossible to do to a good team. Many big youtubers have said it this way, that spawn trapping happens wen a good team starts to dominate a sub-par team. So if u want to be spawn trapped less just get better.

p.s - im not trolling its a fact spawn trapping is actually hard and can be broken out of easily.

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Dont know about ghosts but in mw3 it was really easy to create a good team who could spawntrap and spawnkill in domination....

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Ive talked to Activison Support and apparently its against the general rule of unfair play and can be marked down on the report system as cheating.

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If that is the case I guarantee hundreds upon hundreds of people will leave CoD. Spawntrapping is a legitimate tactic. Spawn killing is not.

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spawn trap on death match if u want if u are on domination u should be to busy taking objectives to spawn trap anybody and should always keep in mind anytime u are dominating an enemy u should back of anyway to keep the game fun and moving I do and im not a noob  but a fail to get of on a hi kd from picking on new people and old people anybody who does was probably a bully in school and should be kicked for fighting without honor

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the only problem I see is few ,damned few play the objective maps with the objective in mind, it is treaded like TDM .

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