Tell Us About Yourself!

Ghosts PlayStation 3

I thought I'd make a fun thread where we could find out more about each other, well the basics at least.

So tell us about yourself. What your stats are, why you play CoD, what clan you're in, how long you've been playing CoD, other games, etc.

I'll start.

KD: 2.771

Clan: PremierGamingAU [PrM]

Playing Since: Black Ops 1, but I played MW2 offline.

I play CoD because of the social side and that I enjoy it. I'm also very competitive and I like to win.

I also enjoy FIFA and Gran Turismo.

So tell me about you, go!

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KD: 2.87

Clan: Not in one

Playing Since: I played Cod2 off and on, but really picked it up during Cod4 and have been playing every title since then.

I play Cod because I enjoy it, and I am way above average at it. Plus, playing with friends always gives me a few laughs. I also play GTA, Deadrising, and FIFA.

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K/D: 1.41

Clan: xTc

Playing since: MW3 was my first COD but did play a little bit of BLOPS.

I wasn't even going to get this game after how crappy BLOPS 2 was. But, great deal on Amazon "forced" me to buy Ghosts. Game sucks but I do enjoy playing it with friends/clan mates. Also fun to hear trash talkers in this game. As if K/D matters in real life

After BLOPS 2, went tryhard on GTA V and hit level 155 legit. After R* took all my money away, y'all know of what I speak, lost interest in the game real quick. So here I am on COD again. YAY!

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Clan: We Go Hard (I didn't pick the name)

Playing Since Modern Warfare, before Call of Duty I was heavy into Halo and Guitar Hero. I split time between Call of Duty and several other games most recently was The Last of Us, Skyrim, Injustice, Tomb Raider, GTA V, and Dark Souls. I've been on this forum since 2011. My favorite COD is Black Ops and Ghosts ranks a close second. When Call of Duty runs like as it should there's really no Call of Duty I don't like.

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K/D : 1.67

clan: sabio gaming

playing since: cod 2 but started playing online in mw2

i play cod because it's fun and because off my clan

my hobbies: fitness

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K/D-0.83 (insert raucous laughter here)

Clan: None

Playing since-Zork on C64.  Started online with MW3.  I thought, "Where was this when I was growing up?"  I have to say I like Ghosts much better.

I have been fortunate, compared to a lot of stories told here, that at least 90% of my playing Ghosts online has been without problems.  The other 10% (issues) I attribute to my 52 year old reflexes and of course lag (I like to blame lag as much as possible!).  I liked Crysis2 and will one day get started on Crysis3.  I really liked RAGE and I like the questing games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted.

I know you guys are still laughing at my K/D aren't ya!  That's why I'm not much of a stats guy...I don't have much of one.  But I have fun playing so...

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Sure you can build a profile on me. <3

K/D: Inconsistent, can range between 2-5 depending on the game and account. Currently on my main account, I can manage a 2.21 K/D and a 2.21 W/L solo on Ghosts.

I don't like gravitating towards one weapon. While I do have a favourite weapon that I will bust out to have good games,  I can't help but play about with other weapons (One particular thing I'm proud of is that I achieved Weapons Mastery in BO2). I am an avid shotgunner, and I have been since early Black Ops. Although there are occasions when I party, I prefer playing solo. Ghosts is probably the only game I don't like partying up with in, because the game brings out the worst in me. I used to play in a clan that was dead in all but golden clan tag in early Black Ops II and I have since joined another clan on Black Ops II (I don't clan in Ghosts). My first official CoD game was Black Ops 1, but before that I used to play online with my mate on Xbox at his house. I am a gamer by nature, and will play pretty much anything, with my favourite titles aside from CoD are Pokemon, Sonic, Mario, Legend of Zelda etc.

List of CoDs in order of value:

Black Ops 1 (My absolute favourite. Only particularly ruined by Second Chance, Famas and 'magical heatseeking around the corner' bullets.)

CoD4 (Close second. Had some stupid spawns and John Elway Miracle Grenades which let it down.)

Black Ops 2 (Hit and Miss, but I had a lot of fun playing it. BO2's Kill Confirmed is one of my favourite FPS modes.)

W@W (MP40 and hackers ruined it. Otherwise awesome.)

MW3 (Broken, laggy mess that I still find fun to play.)

Ghosts (I liked the game but as time went on, it started to wear on my patience.)

MW2 (This was the sign that CoD was going to sh*t. It was barely playable upon release and MANY of the bugs still haven't been fixed. Balancing issues up the arse as well. Home to some of the worst maps I've seen in this franchise (Terminal, I'm looking at you.), but most importantly, I can't think of a game that's made me more outright furious than MW2's multiplayer.)

Also, I've broken 2 controllers since November 2010.

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Kd 1.2

Been playing COD since COD 2 prefered MOH until  I seriously started playing online MW2 Have now played them all online with varying degrees of success, blops I couldn't get on with blops2 done a lot better but I felt it was a lot easier to succeed.

MW 2 is my favourite as I cut my online teeth on it. The killstreaks are real game changers and once I could attain them regularly I learnt how to deploy them tactically. Maybe cus I spent so much time on MW 2 blops 1 was always a struggle for me.

MW 3 where I learnt to run n gun. The MP 7 was truly awesome,as was the dual 1887's and the ACR grew some bollox!

Blops2 when it ran ok was probably, nah definitely the most fun to play of all CODS. IMO. But the lag,connection,hit marker, head glitching .....blah blah blah.... really effected my enjoyment and I only played HC mode in the end

Ghosts is a great game ! YES you can run n gun but don't expect to hip fire from spawn to spawn , it ain't happening !  Contrary to most views I don't feel the maps are huge. Stonehaven is big, but is it bigger than wasteland or derail? I usually run n gun it too ! Just have to use the gulleys and ruins to get to them pesky snipers/campers

As or WaW and COD 4 I like them do ok on em but unlike the others don't seem to play them anymore.

I don't have the time anymore so mainly play ghosts though every now and again do play others and though I'd love to get a ps4 wouldn't get to play it !

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