The spawns will NEVER be improved.

Ghosts PlayStation 3


I know that there has been too many threads about this but let's face it, these spawns are so badly broken that IW won't bother fixing them. Look at the last patch, apparently there were spawn improvements.


As far as I'm concerned the spawns are atrocious and IW won't do a single thing to work with their customers and help get this crap settled so we have to make the most of this shitty spawn system.

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SEem fine to me.. I die once in a while from a bad spawn but thats just because of how the other players are spread out

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I tend to agree with you, but I also think the spawns aren't broken in IW's eyes. Infact I think they were designed this way to help people achieve kill streaks. As sad as it has become the COD franchise has become more about aids and less about skill.

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I agree. I have noticed that most of the maps spawning is in 4 general locations and you have the random spawn you say to yourself, why here? then you die instantly by a spawn trap of some sort.

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I wouldn't expect spawn systems to even change with future CODs. You can "blah blah blah" on the forums about it all day, but as long as you all keep buying the games, they are not going to change anything. Instead of reserving your game at the first possible moment, let a week pass after it has been released. Then come to the forums and find out all that is wrong with it, read all the post about how Ghosts was the last great COD game, and read all those post from people who claim the next COD will be their last. If what you read sounds good to you, buy the game, if not, take your money elsewhere. That's the only way any change will happen if you believe you are not seeing it in game.

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Hard to make a spawn system when no one moves in this game people camped all over the map with so many lines of sight makes it almost impossible to spawn safe.

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The exact opposite of the problem. Too many "kids"( not the age, the mentality) running all over the map trying to be slayers. Play as a TEAM, spawns are fine.

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you mean dont push the other side and force the opposing team to spawn in their own spot over and over and over and over?

yea we do that because its the only way to control the spawning.

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As far as I'm concerned, anybody who still complains about the spawns is just a really terrible player. There are bad spawns (as there are in literally every single FPS game), but the spawns aren't bad overall. You just suck, and I'm sorry to say that. It's gotten to the point where I've seen people with .300 KDRs complaining about poor spawns on TDM. No, dude, you just aren't any good.

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I'm not going to listen to you because you always say everyone sucks on their posts.

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